Why Sending Your Old Car to Scrap is Neccessary ?

Why Sending Your Old Car to Scrap is Neccessary ?

Okay. So, you’ve finally decided to wave goodbye to your old car. Well, it won’t be easy. You always have fond memories of the first car that was bought by you. Also, it goes without saying that selling your old car happens to be a lengthy process. First and foremost, you need to find a buyer who is willing to purchase your car at a reasonable price. Now, this part is easier said than done. More often than not, you’ll bump into buyers who won’t be willing to buy the old set of wheels at the price quoted by you.

No matter how well maintained the car is, prospective buyers will always end up finding faults in the old set of wheels just because they’re old and used. People buy used cars because of the fact that they are way cheaper than brand new ones.

Keep this in mind: sell your old car only if you’re getting a good price. In case your car is in shambles, then you can send your car to scrap.

In case you choose the latter, then you won’t be getting your hands on a lot of money.

Some of you might find it hard to believe, but selling your old car to the scrap dealer is a really good idea. Not only will it help reduce the number of obsolete cars, but will also ensure that all the old parts of your car are disposed off in an eco-friendly manner.

The long and short of car scrapping

The process

The chassis number is removed before sending the scrap for recycling. Authorized scrap dealers tend to follow this process in order to avoid all the trouble. You just need to make sure that the dealer being approached is authorized. An authorized dealer will get in touch with the authorities once the scrapping process is over. This is done in order to get the vehicle deregistered. Once you hand over your car to the scrap dealer, he’ll remove the parts and classify them into will remove the car parts and segregate them into iron, plastic, rubber, etc.

The price

It goes without saying that the price you will be getting would depend completely on the condition of your car. Moving on, the condition of the car parts does matter. The condition of your fuel tank, the tool kit, the condition of the tyres, etc. play a major role in deciding the value of your car.

Take this for an example: If the vehicle is up and running, then you’ll get a good price for your vehicle. It can be sold for spare parts. Once the parts are removed, the rest of the value would be dependent upon the weight of the metal.

The precautions

It is advisable to take along a photocopy of the original car papers for your own reference. Car owners are required to hand over the vehicle’s original papers. A photocopy won’t be good enough. Take photographic evidence when you sell an old vehicle in order to keep unnecessary confusions and discrepancies at bay.

To draw the curtains

Selling a used set of wheels before planning to buy a new one happens to be quite a daunting task. A lot needs to be taken into consideration. Most importantly, you need to make up your mind before selling a car to a scrap dealer. Every single aspect needs to be revisited thoroughly. Don’t sell your car just for the sake of buying a new car.

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