The Advantages of Shelf-Ready Packaging

Shelf-ready packaging (also known as retail-ready or shopper-ready packaging) is becoming an increasingly popular choice for independent and large-scale suppliers all over the world. SRP can be placed directly onto store shelves with the products it contains ready for sale. Essentially, it has three important functions:

1. Durable for transport
2. Suitable for shelf placement
3. Attractive for point of sale

As SRP cut’s out the middle-man: unpacking, it simplifies the process of stock replenishment, reduces the time it takes to get products from stockroom to display and can significantly reduce labour costs. It serves a fitting purpose from the point of manufacture to the point of sale which is why it’s such a winner in the eyes of suppliers and retailers alike.

Whether you’re running a chain of stores across the country or supplying your independent products to retailers, you could significantly streamline your stock to shelves process with shelf ready packaging. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of SRP

1. Shelf-ready Packaging Sells

Unlike your average transit packaging, shelf-ready packaging is built for more than just organisation and protection during transport. It plays a vital part in attracting consumer attention and making sales in store. This packaging integrates with the product packaging and is labelled with the product’s branding and accompanying information to help consumers easily locate and select from the shelves. SRP works as an advertisement for products: it stands out, promotes brand awareness and drives sales.

Plus with almost no limit to what you can have designed and printed on shelf ready boxes, you can use them to make a powerful impact on consumer choice. Your shelf-ready packaging can help to push your products off the shelves and out of the store, improving your supplier demand and growing your business.

2. Shelf-ready Packaging is Competitive

As shelf-ready packaging cuts labour costs and improves profit margins for retailers, suppliers are more likely to gain interest if their products work with SRP. Pitch your products to retailers in combination with strong, eye-catching SRP and you’ll already have an advantage over suppliers who don’t offer this trade-friendly solution. SRP helps you to gain interest, improve your demand and shift more stock.

3. Shelf-ready Packaging is Eco-Friendly

Although cost reduction is at the core of the drive for shelf-ready packaging, it also has benefits on a much wider scale. SRP is a more sustainable packaging solution that relies on less materials for the supply chain meaning it is more environmentally friendly.

Essentially, as less materials are required and wasted, there is less of a need to manufacture more materials. Thus, the stress on raw resources is reduced, less harmful CO2 is emitted and our planet reaps the benefits. SRP is also most-often built from light, low-cost and durable corrugated cardboard which can easily be recycled and re-used.

This extra eco-friendly advantage needn’t take a back seat. Incorporate the modern image of sustainability into your brand and the marketing for your products and you can gain another competitive edge. An increasing number of retailers are interested in this eco-friendly approach as it provides a positive image to consumers.

Shelf-ready packaging is a useful and valuable asset to your business. Make it a part of your supply chain today and watch your profits grow.

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