What is Spy Phone Software and How It Is Helpful?

Spy phone software is a simple application which is installed on a target phone. It allows full monitoring of all target phone activities. It’s often used by private investigators and detectives. Nowadays, it’s available for almost anybody to purchase online. Once you have your spy phone software installed, there are a number of useful things that you will be able to do. These includes:

Being able to track exactly where the phone is at all times. This is an incredibly useful function. After all, there are a number of reasons as to why we need to keep tabs on people. For example, we may need to check on our employees. This could be to ensure that they are not slacking off on the job or if you wish to dispatch them to a specific location in order to offer a service to a customer. Other people may find that their Android Spy Phone software can help them to keep tabs on their children. They may even want to try and catch out a cheating spouse.

The software is also able to do a plethora of other things. For example, you will be able to record every single action that occurs on that phone. This is going to be useful for a number of different reasons (again, monitoring the groups mentioned above springs to mind). So, what can phone spy software do? Well, it is obviously going to depend on the actual one that you download. Each piece of software has a variety of different features. The main features though which seem to be pretty standard for almost every piece of Blackberry Spy Phone software include:

The ability to track where the phone is at all times. This is going to be useful in a number of situations. I find that it works especially well in business situations where you may wish to check how close an employee is to a particular sales pitch. The quicker you get there, the better it looks. It will of course also come in handy knowing where your children are.

Recording of absolutely everything that goes on the phone. Every action will be stored for you to check back on at a later date. Again, this is going to be important as you want to know that nobody is doing something which they should not be doing with the phone.

Every single call can be recorded (if you wish) and you will be able to listen back to these calls at a later date for a number of different purposes. Spy4mobile released the latest edition of Blackberry server software, which has a total of 16 features. It’s one of very stable monitoring software available for Blackberry handsets, which offers simple and easy to use web-panel with reports about target phone activity. No subscriptions or monthly plans are required to use it, because a life time access to servers is already available on it in the lowest available price.

A full list of Blackberry server edition spy phone software features:

  • Blackberry PIN Messenger logs (history)
  • SMS incoming and outgoing
  • Location GPS and Cellid (GSM)
  • Call logs Incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Installed applications
  • Contacts
  • Mobile Phone Information
  • Tasks
  • Memos
  • Calendar
  • Emails
  • Multimedia files (photos, videos and audio)
  • Battery reports (duration and temperature)
  • Room environment monitoring
  • Live Screen shot of target phone

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