IT Job Skills of 2014: The 7 Most Profitable

Possessing knowhow in the most sought after IT job skills for 2014 pretty much guarantees you won’t find yourself anywhere near the unemployment line. Companies are desperately seeking qualified employees, especially in these 7 areas:

1. App development. Developers, programmers, and software engineers are reaching a level of job stability like never before. For all of the qualified app developers out there, there are countless tech companies looking to hire them. Some larger companies even claim several hundred job openings for app developers within their firm alone. No wonder this job boasts the number one lowest unemployment rate in the nation.

2. Tech support. Help desk employees and those working in tech support are in increasingly high demand. Companies are looking for employees to assist their colleagues in-house while also helping customers address any technical problems they are experiencing. Help desk support jobs were outsourced for many years. However, that is all changing as companies are realizing the complexity of their web and mobile based offerings require an in-house support staff. This helps keeps everyone on the same page and fully aware of a company’s range of products.

3. Networking. Companies in a variety of fields are relying on wireless networks to function. This puts a significant amount of strain on wireless systems, as numerous devices connected to them require a recurrent need for troubleshooting. Enter the networking specialist. The skills of a Wi-Fi networker are essential in some arenas, such as the medical field. Hospitals rely on devices hooked to a wireless network, and when those devices fail to connect properly, the health of patients can be at stake.

4. Mobile app development and management. People are relying on smartphones and tablets like never before. The amount of purchases made through these devices has skyrocketed recently. This indicates that companies want to cash in on the revenue-producing effects a mobile app can create. But, finding people to fill this specialized field is becoming increasingly difficult. Some companies have taken to training their current staff in the field of mobile app development since this seems to be the only solution able to fill the void.

5. Project management. Successful projects mean a successful business, and IT companies are fully aware; they invest significant amounts into ensuring productive project management. Project managers are right behind software engineers in demand, and there are often more jobs than people to fill them. These positions used to require PMP or other certifications but, as demand increases, companies are beginning to hire those with organizational knowhow and overlooking official accreditation.

6. Database admin. With all the social networking sites out there and the countless programs designed to quickly collect data, companies are looking for qualified people to make sense of it all. Companies know that understanding the customer is key, and database managers are vital in helping them with these tasks.

7. Security. Hackers and malware writers are becoming increasingly creative and knowledgeable in their respective areas. This means companies require security experts like never before. Big breeches are bad for business, and companies want consumers to know security is of utmost importance. These positions are increasingly difficult to fill as the amount of training required to stay up-to-date on the latest security threats increases.

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