The Futuristic Image Stability With Gazer From Gazercam

Shooting videos has become quite common since heavy mega-pixel cameras have started to come with the smartphones. However, stability has always been a big concern for photographers and people shooting videos at home. Most of the problems are encountered when you have to shoot videos at high speeds, on bumpy roads and at full throttle. It’s hard to keep the people and main object in focus when your hand is shaking outrageously. Think of shooting your favorite band while standing in the middle of a crowd that’s banging its head and going crazy in the concert.

This is an area where innovation an invention was needed for quite some time and Gazercam has come up with the answer. Gazercam is a company that has introduced the highly innovative and impressive lineup of products that are meant to keep a stable view when you are shooting videos. The great thing about their products is that they are designed for virtually all types of cameras and smartphones. Now you can shoot videos from your smartphone or with your favorite DSLR using the gazer products.  The first look at these products shows that they are meant for future in terms of their looks and functionality.

Gazer products, as mentioned above, are meant for all types of cameras and smartphones. All these devices are made from durable material with clips, buttons, handles and handgrips on them. Your smartphone or digital camera can be held on the platform given on the gazer and is secured with the help of secure and sturdy clips. Once your device has been mounted on the gazer product you can start shooting videos without worrying about the shaking of your hand or instability due to other factors. There are several buttons on these devices that are meant for different purposes.

With the press of a button you are able to rotate your smartphone or digital camera on the gazer. You can rotate the camera up to 360-degree. Furthermore, you can move the handle of the gazer in a semicircular path but your device’s camera will maintain its focus and angle. You can pan, zoom and tilt your camera with the help of buttons that are conveniently located on the gazer. The handgrip is perfectly designed so the gazer never slips from your hand. These products are designed differently for different applications. Some are meant for in-home shooting while others are meant for professional sports shooting.

This product sounds simple but when you look at its features and functionality closely you will realize the amount of work put behind it. It is a gem for people who are often involved in sports and activities. Whether you are surfing, skateboarding, paratrooping, cycling or driving a race car, there is a product to give you a perfectly stable video without any efforts. The best part about gazer products is that all of them are pretty lightweight and easy to use. If you are a person who regularly shoots videos and promotes them online, Gazercam is the right place for you.

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