Tips for PowerPoint Presentation Design

PowerPoint is one of the most essential components of the Microsoft Office package that’s offered and is a tool that’s primarily used for making presentations. There is hardly a single business meeting that goes by without the use of PowerPoint for making a presentation. As a matter of fact, it has become the top most tools that comes in handy for creating powerful slide presentations with a combo of compelling graphics, animation and information. It can be used for creating presentations that enlighten and engage the audience and can be used easily. There are lots of styles and capabilities offered by PowerPoint, but the sea of formats, fonts and colors can often cause confusion. That’s when people need some PowerPoint presentation design tips.

A PowerPoint designer needs to understand that the key to making a winning presentation is the use of neat text and clean design. Here are some other tips that are also helpful:

Visual Elements 

It is recommended that people choose fonts that can be read easily; the size shouldn’t be too small or too large for that matter. It is best to use only one or two fonts. The background and font color should also contrast sharply against one another and graphics and photographs should only be added if they are useful for making a point. Every screen should have graphics in the same spot to avoid creating the idea of floating or moving graphics as this can distract the audience.

The text that’s used in the presentation should be coordinated with the speech and the spelling and grammar should also be accurate. Borders and colored backgrounds are helpful for providing emphasis. However, it is best to be conservative and not use the entire color palette. Colors are usually used for adding emphasis and not for the purpose of decoration. If borders are being used, people should stick to one design and color for every slide to ensure that the presentation comes off as organized.


The slide should be kept uncluttered, neat and clean. The data and text on each slide should be kept to a minimum in order to hold the audience’s attention. Rather than using multiple lines of text, individuals should rely on graphics and animations for conveying the message. Another important tip for PowerPoint presentation design is to give proper headlines to the content. The ideas should be kept concise and short by using bullet points for stating the different points.

Animations and Transitions

There should be minimum animation effects on each slide. They should only be used if absolutely necessary. Wild slide transitions should definitely be avoided, especially when they are only being made because the capabilities are inherent in the software. Scrolling or simplistic wipes should be used for capturing and retaining the attention and interest of the audience. It is best to be consistent in the use of slide transition effects and they shouldn’t be changed for every slide.

Some businesses usually hire a PowerPoint agency for making their presentations while others can use these PowerPoint presentation design tips. 

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