Why AITOC’s Layered Navigation Pro Extension Is Important for Your Magento

The default layered navigation, as you might already know, reloads the category page whenever the attribute filter is clucked or when you decide to switch between list and grid views, or when you change the number of items per page. The modules that are AJAX layered navigation based let you choose multiple paginate or attributes without reloading the page, but still transmit a request to server on each action. The page is blocked while the AJAX request is collecting data from server and displaying it. This also increases the load on server and your potential buyers have to wait until the page reload has been completed or AJAX has been updated on each filtering action.

Of course, we all hate waiting and want the buying process to be completed immediately. Sites that make us wait and take too long to respond usually are not appreciated by most of the online users. That’s where Layered Navigation comes handy; it eliminates the wait time.

AITOC Navigation Pro extension has taken the e-commerce one step further by introducing super-fast Layered Navigation filter built with AJAX. The extension retrieves all the products from server in background mode. Then it utilizes AJAX for sorting and filtering the products directly within the browser, with no additional page reload or server request. This brings a significant increase in the speed. A little delay may only occur when category products get loaded for the first time. Your customers can use the attribute filters, switch between grid and list view, paginate, and reapply filters in no time.

The default Magento navigation procedure is rather time consuming and irritating for the customer because it only makes the searching process step by step which takes too long. An efficient product search along with navigation is very important for a higher conversion rate.

You can make navigation faster by using Layered Navigation Pro, which is more user-friendly and flexible! This extension will make it possible for all your customers to indicate the product parameters simultaneously without choosing the attributes one by one for finding the right product. Your customers will definitely appreciate the convenience they come across and will certainly choose your Magento store for their future purchases too.

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