Home and Business Surveillance Tip: PTZ Camera Systems Capture Amazing Images

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) cameras have become increasingly popular choices for home and commercial security purposes. This type of camera is mechanically controlled to allow users to set different perspectives and views using the same unit, making it ideal for use in large spaces such as shopping malls, warehouses and city centers. PTZ camera systems also feature remote viewing software applications that enable users to control and view the camera not just from their laptop, but their mobile devices as well.

PTZ cameras play a fundamental role in video surveillance systems. These surveillance cameras provide a more discreet look at items that can typically blend into surrounding architectural environments. Moreover, they have also become a great solution to companies and organizations seeking ways to monitor employee performance. Following installation, employers typically find an overall increase in productivity and even better, a reduction in fraudulent workers comp claims.  Security managers typically seek to invest in PTZ cameras with effort to improve the performance abilities of a company’s surveillance infrastructure.

PTZ Cameras vs. Fixed Cameras

Unlike fixed cameras that only have one specific view, PTZ cameras deliver broader fields of view and can be set up to capture a variety of different directions through panning, tilting, and zooming. Using this type of security camera can save you considerable time and money. Forget about installing multiple fixed cameras to capture all of the views you had hoped for. One PTZ camera can outperform up to six standard fixed cameras on everyday applications.

Another key feature making the PTZ camera a better solution over fixed cameras is the integration availability with existing systems. For example, one PTZ camera could be programmed and installed into an existing fixed camera system, so that its intended operation would only be triggered by certain events such as glass break sensors and doors opening.

The Perks of Installing a PTZ Camera System

Low Light Performance: The PTZ camera system deploys a day/night feature that will switch to a very sensitive mode enabling the camera to gather detains even at the lowest of light. Some cameras equipped with this feature may also feature Infrared on-board or accept IR illumination.

Powerful Auto Focus and Zoom Functions: Aside from being bigger than conventional security cameras, PTZ cameras also boast a powerful zoom lens for increased viewing capabilities of an object. The camera’s auto focus feature allows users to obtain detailed and clear images by automatically focusing on surveillance objects.

High-Speed Pan and Tilt Rotation: What makes this PTZ camera system a lot more efficient than others is that it provides users with the option to manually or automatically control rotation at high speed. It can cover each direction without blind spots and automatically tilt or rotate at 180 degrees.

Tamper Resistant and Weatherproof: PTZ cameras like those found on the www.PTZpros.com website use high-strength polycarbonate domes and are made from rigid metal housings making them virtually shatter and smash proof. Since PTZ cameras are typically mounted high above the ground to achieve the best view, they also make tampering near impossible without detection. Furthermore, these cameras are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring users that extreme heat, wind, and rain will not affect its performance.

The PTZpros.com camera line offers a variety of different PTZ camera models to suit a wide range of applications and budgets from small to large-scale commercial projects. To make the most of the benefits that a PTZ camera surveillance system offers, it is imperative that you choose one that adequately suits your overall surveillance goals.

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