Keep Your Facebook Profile Secured from Hacking Attempts

As you can notice in news and media, every day more and more social media accounts are getting compromised in large numbers by various hackers and their hacking methods. The most compromised accounts are Facebook accounts because it’s currently the leading social network in the world and second most visited website on our globe after Google.

Motives for hacking are different. Hackers mostly search for personal and secret details which they can use to break into users bank and money accounts. Some search for private photos so they can later blackmail the owner for money. It’s also a frequent case people who are in relationship wants to break into their partner’s Facebook account to see if they are cheating on them, and so on, reasons for hacking are different.

What is important today is how to protect against these hacking attacks. So let’s see what methods are most popular within hackers to steal Facebook passwords and how to protect against them.

Currently, the most popular method is Phishing, which is a method to trick victim to login from false Facebook login page which will then lead you to to the official Facebook one, but it will also snatch your password and send it to a hacker. Phishers are spread trough emails and inbox messages mostly, so you need to watch out carefully for domain URL when you’re logging into your account to be the official Facebook one ( Do not trust any other one!

Then comes the Brute-force method. It’s used with software programmed to attack login page with thousands combinations of different passwords until it gets the correct one. This Facebook hacking tool is pure example of those brute-forcing programs to crack into Facebook account.

You can protect from these by making strong password for your account. A strong password is made of letters (lowercase + uppercase), special characters such as “&, @, !, $ etc.” and numbers. With strong password there is no way a brute forcing software will crack into your Facebook, as these tools just use just easy one-word passwords which tries to login with.  

Use good antivirus software and keep it up to date! This will prevent hackers to infect your PC with various hacking applications such as trojans, keyloggers and other malware tools to spy your activity on the internet. Some antivirus programs will also protect you against phishers pages, so it’s highly recommended to have it installed on your computer.

Some more tips which will make your FB account more secured:

  • Limit who can send you a message. By setting a limit to only your friends and friends of friends your risk of getting spammed or infected inbox message are almost eliminated, so this is much recommended option for your security.
  • Hide email address from your profile. This will prevent spammers to use your email for advertising purposes and chance of spreading their phishers and other malicious methods to your mail box. So set a privacy to only you can see it and you’ll be safe. 

With sticking to these tips your Facebook account will be highly protected and safe, so enjoy, sleep well and secured!

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