Top 4 Social Networking Websites to Earn Money

Over the period, the concept of ‘Being Social’ has transverse dynamically from meeting people in a pub to connecting with friends online via social networking sites. Now days the gigantic network of social media is growing like an epidemic as never before. Statistics revealed that one out of every 7 individuals is following the global trend of using social media websites without fail. However, the use of these fun networking websites is only confined to share photos, play games or updating your status every once in a while. Do you know about those hidden money bags that these social media websites can help you to earn a decent living? Yes, you heard that right! You can continue to communicate your online network of peer groups, and still make money out of these social networking sites. Given below are the top 4 social media websites to give you an insight on the fun ways of earning money:

Linked in

1. Empowr has been introduced to people as a democratic social economy. With a new and unique idea behind its development, the website offers an innovative platform to people looking to make money through social networking. Members can earn by sharing images and video, selling their skills to other members, and trading their items. There are several other options that help members control how they make money in a tough economy. The cash out options too are convenient through which earned payments can successfully be cashed out. More information on what is Empowr all about can be learned through this video:

2. Facebook

Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, the social media giant ‘Facebook’ has become a notch since a decade now. This single platform is connecting more than zillions of individuals as well as entrepreneurs from all over the globe every single day. You must be thinking why are entrepreneurs connecting over Facebook instead of their international conference rooms? The reason is a good deal of business that can be yield over this social networking website to stuff their bank accounts with money bags. Other than these SME’s, even you can generate a passive income via simple advertising on Facebook. Create fan pages for third parties, and spread the word of mouth via status updates, inviting friends to like the page, and sharing posts of that brand page with your peer group. The more traffic you generate for that page, the more money you earn by getting paid from that third party.

Moreover, getting paid for your own products is made easier via Facebook affiliate marketing program, where this social media website acts as a mutual medium to let people reach your product and help you make money against your selling products.

3. Twitter

Did you had the slightest idea that twitter apart from leaving tweets for your circle of friends can also leave you with a reasonable passive income? This money generating social media network aids your financial earnings by giving you the access to sponsored tweets. These pay-per-click ads make you earn money equivalent to the number of viewers of those sponsored tweets. Apart from PPC twitter also induce income generation via other advertising platforms such as

Rev Twt

These advertising services involve a third party vendor that can pay you against the advertising services you provide them for the endorsement of their products/services through simple tweets on twitter.

4. LinkedIn

Apart from facebook and twitter, LinkedIn can also contribute to a major portion of your financial earnings. LinkedIn is the largest growing professional socializing network that not only connects peer groups but also SME’s all across the globe. We have already talked about creating pages and generating back traffic to your website to earn money through social networking websites. LinkedIn paves the way for newer means to make money online i.e.

Sell info products
Grow your mailing list
Offer freelance social media services
Sell e-books
Promote affiliate products
Use LinkedIn advertising
Find potential advertisers and sponsors from your product

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