Using Linkedin For Brand Management

LinkedIn has added several new features designed to make profiles more eye-catching, but the onus is still on users to optimize the experience. LinkedIn is not only for recruiters to find you for you to increase your chances of getting hired, it is also a great tool for companies to improve their brand, so you can use it to control your reputation online. Due to the power of LinkedIn , it often ranks in the first page of search engines for company names and personal names. This is because LinkedIn is very powerful and has many links to it. Optimizing your profile doesn’t take long. Here are the most important concepts you should know.

Claim a URL

LinkedIn offers its users the opportunity to personalize their URL, which is excellent for reputation management. Normal LinkedIn URLs are encoded with a series of numbers at the end, but a vanity URL can be made to match your name. Make this easy to remember and your profile will enjoy more traffic from users you network with.

Upload a Photo

A professional looking headshot helps people to put a face to your name. It may also distinguish you from others who share your name. Try to choose a photo that quickly displays who you are, and what you do. It should be something personable, but it doesn’t have to be a professional headshot. Grainy photos that seem out of focus don’t do you many favors, even if they are commonly found on the site.

Show Work Samples

LinkedIn has made some important changes to the “Summary” and “Experience” sections of the profile page. In addition to receiving endorsements for particular skills, you can show off work samples that show off what you’ve accomplished. It’s always best to find work samples that speak to your skills, and publicly credit you.

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