Using Proxies for Browsing the Internet

There are many times when individuals wish to browse the internet anonymously. It is possible that the content they are trying to access is blocked in their country or workplace. Another reason may be that people don’t want their search history to be known by others. In this case, a proxy can prove to be a simple and easy solution as people can browse different websites without being connected to them directly. The best part about these proxies is that there are thousands of them available on the internet and most of them can be used for free. This particular server plays the role of an intermediary between other servers and their clients.

Individuals first have to connect to a proxy browser. Once they have done so, they can request for a certain file, web page, connection or service that cannot be accessed via their server or they want to access anonymously. When the request of the client is received, the proxy browser will then evaluate it as per their standard rules of filtering. For instance, traffic can be filtered with the aid of IP addresses or protocols. The resources will be readily available to individuals when their request has been deemed valid by the proxy.

There are different types of proxy servers that can be found online these days. Any of them can be used by people, depending on their unique preferences. The long list of the type of proxies includes transparent proxy, anonymous proxy, distorting proxy and high anonymity proxy. If individuals find it difficult to locate reliable proxies, they can join forums and discussions where other users have recommended the proxies that they use. This can be an ideal way of shortlisting the options that you are considering and gives people an idea of the pros and cons associated with the popular proxies.

Reviews about proxies are also available so they can also be used for choosing a best proxy. The best thing about proxies is that like other sites, they don’t have any down time. They can be used by people for accessing content on the web from virtually anywhere. A number of users have used these proxies and some of the reasons for doing so are discussed below:

1-    They can keep themselves and their machines anonymous when they are surfing the web. When different websites are accessed, people are giving away a lot of their information such as passwords and usernames. Using a proxy will ensure that their information can be traced in no possible way.
2-    Another prominent benefit of using proxies is that people will be able to access online resources more quickly. Surfing the web can be annoying when people have to wait while it buffers. Proxies, on the other hand, are used to cache web pages so the requests are delivered quickly.
3-    Filtering and censorship are two hurdles that people face nowadays. Governments, workplaces and schools place filters and censor websites so proxies can be used for bypassing these barriers and accessing the desired content without giving away your own details.

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