IntroBills Hosted Invoice Management

Invoice management might seem like a relatively easy task at first, but it actually requires a lot of time and patience since you’re dealing with people. Companies everywhere are looking for ways to save money too, which puts extra pressure on those in charge of where and on what the company budget is going to be spent on. Office equipment and software might not be the biggest cost that a company has, but it’s still a cost, so why not save that money if there are cheap alternatives to the outdated Windows XP, and the invoicing software that you’ve been working on up until now.

Switch your invoice management to the cloud

Everything is moving to the cloud. You can see it happening all the time with more and more services and applications. Same thing is true with invoice management. When you think about it, moving invoice management to the cloud makes most sense. It’s something that lots of people, entire departments in some cases need to have access to. Setting up an invoice management system on a central server which then all your employees can access will save you lots of time and money. Need for support is minimized (any problem that happens, happens on the central server), no need to upgrade your computers to the latest versions of the operating system that your company uses, etc.

Small companies can also benefit by using the cloud

Smaller companies don’t have the need for setting up a central server from where their employees will be able to manage invoices. You might think that cloud is then not the solution that small companies need, but you’d be wrong. Smaller companies can use rented space on someone else’s server where they can manage their invoices for a small monthly fee. IntroBills can help you out in both of these situations. With IntroBills you can get a self-hosted PHP based invoice management system for your company, or you can setup an invoice management account that’s hosted on the IntroBills server and then easily manage your services for as little as $5.99 per month.

IntroBills invoice management system

IntroBills offers both an installable script and it offers a hosted invoice management where you use the IntroBills script on our own server. Installable script can be used on your own server (company server that’s running on intranet), or you can alternatively set it up on a rented server with a professional hosting company. Same thing that you would like to Out hosted invoice management packages will cost you $5.99 or $9.95 depending on which package you choose/need. You can find more information on the differences between our packages on our pricing page.


Companies come in all shapes and sizes and that’s why having scalable tools is important. Costs when starting a company should be kept at a minimum and they should only grow if your business grows. That’s exactly what you can achieve with IntroBills. Start with hosted invoice management and then move on through packages and ultimately to our self-hosted solution only when the business picks up, that way keeping costs to a minimum.

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