Marketing Strategy to Please and Fascinate Your Audience

Marketing Strategy to Please and Fascinate Your Audience

If you own a business, then a planned marketing strategy is the most important thing that can help your business to grow and prosper. Rather than solely relying on your intuition for making decision, you must also develop a crisp marketing strategy that will provide you with the much needed facts for your decision making process. It will also help you to set well defined business goals and the ways to achieve them. Because there are many kinds of marketing strategies that can effectively entice the audience today, it can be difficult to pick a few. Here we have a list of the most persuasive of all. Take a look.

•    Direct marketing strategy: this marketing strategy involves making  direct contact with existing and potential customers to promote the products and services offered by your business. In this you can send a personalized message to the potential customers via letters, flyers, postcards, and various other forms of direct and integrated communication methods like emails, telephone calls, mobile messaging etc. Although an old school marketing medium, it is still considered to be one of the most effective strategy as it can allow you to generate an immediate response from your targeted customers. You must also make sure to add your business to the local business directory. For example, if you have initialized a small business in Australia, then you must feature it in the Australian business pages directory to ensure local as well as national and intenational coverage for your organization.

•    Content Marketing strategy: this is yet another basic and effective strategy that can be  used for marketing your business. ‘Give and receive’ is the basis of content marketing. This marketing strategy involves producing fresh, informative and of course a relevant content that fosters a good will about the product and services offered by your business, among the potential customers and other community members the. You must make sure that the content published on your website is high quality so that it attracts readers and keep them engaged and also helps in better ranking of your site in search engines.

•    Viral Marketing strategy: also called internet viral marketing  involves the promotion of a product or information in a way that compels the customers to share it with their friends and family. Before the internet era, this kind of stategy was called ‘word of mouth’ marketing where the business was promoted by recommendation of a friend. Today the internet viral marketing Because of the internet today, there are many ways  you engage the same word of mouth marketing very efficiently  at a much lower cost. This kind of strategy is mostly centered around a video, as this is the most effective ways of distributing your message to a wide number of people. Google’s YouTube is one of the perfect epitomes of viral marketing strategy. A video that is unusual, funny, cute  or stimulates certain emotions will definitely draw attention of many, hence gaining popularity. The viewers will definitely share the video with their friends and colleagues, thus multiplying the links to the video.

•    Social Media Marketing strategy: As social media has become the number one activity of a vast number of people around the globe, therefore it has been adopted as the most effective marketing strategy by most of the businesses throughout the world. There is an endless potential for your business to grow through social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and a lot others. So, if you do not want miss a large chunk of targeted audience, you must make sure of making an active presence on the social media networks. Of course these networking sites are not visited for shopping, but here you can ever-so-kindly explain and convince the audience to buy your products or services.

If you are a business owner in Australia, then registering your business in the online business directory Australia is the primary thing to be done before following any or all of the above mentioned marketing strategies to fascinate a large number of audience.
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