Tap Fast To Save Your Flying Celebz From The Odds

You don’t always have to be a full-time developer to create applications for smartphones today. The passion for creating applications can be so intense that it turns entrepreneurs into developers too. That’s what happened to Natasha D Burton whose passion for creating applications for smartphones has pushed her to create an application for smartphone users. Just like many other applications for iPhones and Android phones, this one is going to force you to stick to your smartphone with the charger plugged in so you can play for hours without getting interrupted with the “battery low” message.

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The creator of this application, Natasha D Burton, is an entrepreneur and a producer. With her undying love for creating applications she’s also earned the label of mobile app enthusiast. She’s spent hours on a daily basis with developers only to learn the very details of creating applications for smartphones. Her love and passion for entertainment has made her come up with some amazing shows. Fame in the Family was her first successful show that was also aired on TV and brought forward the many issues related to fame and how fame had its effects on the family life of the famous person.

With undaunted attitude and undying love for entertainment, Natasha was finally able to launch her own production company. The name of the company is NDB Production where she works with Ramy Romany as a partner. Ramy Romany is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer. While she’s busy in many other entertainment projects, she has also launched this amazing smartphone application called Flying Celebz which is definitely going to get your attention if you are a smartphone user. This game is going to get you back into the world of tapping madness as you continue to play it for hours non-stop.

This game is pretty simple and easy to understand. You pick a celebrity from a huge list – which means you will be able to find your favorite ones mostly – and then start tapping to protect your favorite artist. The obstacles you have to save your celebrity from are in the form of paparazzi and microphones. This is no ordinary microphone; it is a huge microphone that could over your game if it hits your favorite celebrity. The real fun of the game begins when you challenge your friends to beat you at it. Your score can be seen going up on the screen as you save your celebrity from the huge mic and the paparazzi on the stage.

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