Environmental Plastic Is A Worse Threat To Human Survival Than Global Warming Is

Media reports have led people to believe that their life, as they know it, is in danger because the surface of the earth is heating up rapidly. However, when people actually pay attention and look around, they come to the realization that this is not so. The truth is that global warming is nothing but global industry worth multi trillion pounds and people are made to pay for it through taxes. Pseudoscience is the fuel behind this industry as academics are paid nothing for stating the truth, but get lots of money when they give false reports about global warming.

Hence, people should be cynical if the media reports global warming dangers and backs it up with th

e opinion of a ‘scientist’. In reality, global warming is not imminent because temperatures haven’t increased for the past 15 years. This is defined as a ‘pause’ by advocates of global warming and they have come up with several far-fetched ideas to explain it. They cannot just come clean and admit that this parasitic and huge industry revolves around a pack of carefully fabricated lies. As a matter of fact, the size of the Antarctic and Arctic ice caps has increased.

If anything, people should become more worried about global cooling instead of global warming, but this hasn’t been reported properly. Charles J. Moore was sailing across the Pacific in 1997 when he found huge quantities of plastic debris in the water. According to Bruce on Politics, this was the great garbage patch of the Pacific where all non-biodegradable and floating human waste ends up. According to estimates, it comprises of 100 million tons of plastic and is twice the size of North America. There is also a garbage patch of the North Atlantic Ocean, which is also hundreds of kilometers across.

Because most types of plastic are man-made, the ecosystem isn’t equipped to deal with it. They have to be recycled or burned because they aren’t biodegradable. This includes the synthetic fabrics used for making clothes. Every time we wash our clothes, thousands of plastic molecules are shed by them into the environment. The problem is that the water and sun break plastic down into small molecules, allowing it to enter our food chain through fishes and other sea animals. This isn’t healthy because our bodies aren’t evolved to have small pieces of plastic distributed inside. These molecules can wreak havoc in the human body as they can alter the fundamental chemistry by mimicking the actions of human hormones.

Furthermore, plastic can also clog the rivers permanently. Research has shown that about one-third of British coastal fish have consumed plastic, which will eventually go into people. Thus, we are gradually approaching a time when seafood would become unsafe for feeding the planet. Therefore, we need to take immediate action. Firstly, we need to stop adding more plastic into the environment, which means banning it. Secondly, we need to remove the tons of plastic waste that’s already in the environment. This is the imminent danger, not global warming.                

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