Idhu Kadhala; Episode Review

The new episode of Idhu Kadhala starts with heated conversation between shruthi and shyam. Shyam says that he needs the document which he feels is with shruthi. Shruthi hits back at shyam saying that he had already got the documents and that he is only pretending that he does not have it. Finally shyam warns shruthi to find the document.

In the next scene we see babli the tiny girl in conversation with priya. Babli says that she wants to apologize to priya of putting her into serious problem. Priya says that this matter should remain as secret and that babbli should not tell it to anyone. Ajay enters in the midst of the conversation and asks babbli what the secret was. When babbli starts to tell ajay, priya intervenes stops her revealing the secret to ajay. Ajay gets frustrated and shouts at priya for teaching babbli bad manners. Ajay finally gets the secret and apologizes to priya.

This part of the Idhu Kadhala gets more interesting. The scene shifts to the family house. Anjali sees shruthi keeping a gloomy face. She wants her to smile that she has a got a happy news for her. The grandmother asks Finally Anjali breaks the jinx, saying that she had booked a ticket to London for shruthi the same day so that she can be with ashwin.. Shyam hearing this tries all his best to stop shruthi from travelling  He tells everybody that the ticket alone cannot make her travel to London and that she needs visa and a valid passport to make the journey. Anjali then replies that the visa and passport has already been taken care. All his effforts to prevent shruthi in travelling to London becomes futile. He feels very annoyed.

Shruthi nows enter her room to pack her luggage for the journey.  she calls up ashwin. The call goes into voice call. She is worried why each time she tries to reach ashwin it always goes into a voice mail.. As soon she is ready she walks down to meet anjali. Anjali asks shruthi take her car to the airport She now takes blessing from the grandmother and bid farewell.

While she is in the car she is in deep thought about the entire thing. All of a sudden she receives an overseas call. The person in the call greets her and asks where Mr. Ashwin was. Shruthi is shocked and replies that mr ashwin has already left for London few days ago. The person says that he had checked everywhere and is damn sure that ashwin has not reached London. He says that ashwin was not among the list of passengers who boarded the flight back in India.

Now she returns back to the airport and gives Anjali and her grandmother another reason for not continuing her journey. She tells them that her parents informed her not travel as it was not a good time. Anjali says that there is no problem that she can travel next week. The grandmother says that ashwin may return by then.

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