It’s Time To Monitor Things With HDCVI Security Cameras

HDCVI is short for high definition composite video interface. The technical terminology might be confusing for common public but when explained in detail you will know that this is the technology you need today for uncompromising security. As a wise consumer you will always compare the price of change of product to its value and HDCVI security systems will definitely meet your requirements here. These security systems have been designed with great intelligence and users who have been using the conventional security systems and CCTV cameras in the past will be greatly happy with this new and improved technology.

Why Is HDCVI Better Than Conventional Security Systems

First, you will be able to monitor the activities of your house or commercial space in high definition quality. What this means is that you will be able to see even the tiniest details on the video and so capturing a culprit will always be easy. It has been happening in the past that the robbers and thieves are not recognized for longer durations even after they have been caught on cameras just because the result of the camera is bad. With HDCVI security systems, this big compromise on your security will cease to exist.

The image quality produced by these amazing security cameras can be of 1280x720p quality or 1920x1080p quality. This is amazingly high quality being provided to you from your security system. The quality of the picture is maintained due to the use of coaxial cables that are the main part of this particular setup. However, you don’t have to visualize big costs for completely overhauling your current security system. The best thing about this new security system is that in most cases it will be compatible with the current security system that you have installed at your place.

There has been a similar setup known for some time called the HDSDI setup. This particular system also provides you with high definition video but it had many drawbacks. The range of the HDSDI systems was very short and you couldn’t see the monitoring videos outside the range of 100 meters on most occasions. Furthermore, the new HDCVI technology provides with uncompressed data through low frequency. What it means is that the high frequency appliances in the building will not disrupt the signals being used by your security camera and so the transmission you receive will be crystal clear and having no latency and lags.

Why You Should Go For HDCVI

First, this is the new technology and the most suitable one for monitoring the places where shades, shadows and darkness makes the result of the conventional security cameras completely worthless. In addition to that, the new HDCVI systems with all their features are not as heavy on your pocket as you might have expected. This amazing technology is quite affordable and the fact that your current security system setup can host the new security cameras and interface makes it even more affordable. The new HDCVI security systems have been called the future of home and commercial security systems. 

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