Pximity App: Changing The World With Technology

First it was Facebook, then Twitter, then LinkedIn, then Instagram. The world is now due for another big tech brand. We believe that next big app to be is Pximity.

Pximity allows you to connect with people nearby in real-time. Consolidate all social networks for other users to view instantly. Search for users in vicinity based on GPS location. Connecting and networking with people is a part of everyday life. Whether meeting new business people to discovering bands, Pximity instantly connects you. You control your privacy settings as you decide the discoverability of what is shown and what is not shown publicly. Follow business professionals, colleagues, musical bands, and students on campus instantly from user to user. Radius expands up to 0.5 miles of locating discoverable users and 10 miles of businesses.

Pximity app Version 2.1 is now available on App Store and Version 2.1.1 on Google Play Store for Free! Take searching and networking to the next level. Pximity allows you to connect with people and businesses nearby via your mobile device in real-time wirelessly. No more business cards. Follow new talent such as artists, presenters, comedians, etc. right from your seat. Connect with students, business professionals, and discover performers all within the location on your device.

Download below:

Pximity for Apple App Store

Pximity for Google Play Store

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