When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home Alarm System?

Everything in technology has it’s time of life.  New phones come out once a year, as soon as you buy a computer there is already a better one on the market. Yet for some reason, residents keep their security system in their home without upgrading it for years upon years. Once installed, as long as it ‘beeps’ and sets off when the door is opened consumers consider this alright. However, it is still technology with new gadgets out there and there is no reason not to upgrade. If you are hanging on to your old system, the question becomes When is it time to upgrade?

If It Has Chords, It’s Gotta Go

Since 2000, everything has gone wireless.  Unless you have a super duty security system or security cameras, if your alarm system has chords that you can trace back to the walls or the closet, it’s time to get rid of it!  How do you go about getting rid of one?  We recommend not trying to do it yourself!  This can get dangerous and you can tear your house up.

If It is Connected to a LANDLine, Time to let Go

Many people are still holding onto their LANDline phone for one reason or another.  If your current security system is connected to a LAN line and that is why you are still paying extra each month for it then I have good news for you!  You can chop that LAN line out of your home, save $30-50 a month by getting a wireless system that has a Cell Unit chip placed inside the control panel.  This is a standard now in the industry and you should expect nothing less.

Sign Up with a New Company and Let them do the Hassle

Sounds easy enough right?  Well it is.  There are several companies to choose from, for example protect america versus frontpoint security may be a good bet.  When you sign up have them send a technician and remove the old one from your home.  Then they put in the new security devices and wham you have some free room to store things in the closet where the big box used to be.  Even better, you no longer have ugly chords tracing back to your wall, going around the corners of your house for motion sensors etc.

Companies are continually doing new incentives to entice people to buy.  Most previous users though don’t follow the market trend on alarm systems and wouldn’t know that there may be wireless cameras, touch screens and more.  Take time to research it out and see what fits your budget and home and then give them a call.


Don’t be one of those people that wait until it is too long.  If your old equipment is not wireless or it is connected to a LANDLine phone line, you are due for an upgrade. And heck, why not?  The new company will come and replace the equipment usually free of charge or max $99!

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