An Honest Review of

I didn’t even know companies like even existed. I have not had a good experience with eBay in the past and being totally new to retailing I have been scammed a number of times from suppliers in china who decided to post fake goods to my customers and this totally destroyed my business on ebay

Two years later I found a trustworthy supplier and wanted to get back onto eBay again after being suspended. I have bought some stealth accounts before in the past and weeks later the accounts get suspended again.

I found a company on the Internet called Power Seller Shop. I couldn’t see many reviews on the Internet and because I have been scammed before in the past, I really didn’t want to be scammed again so I decided to go and visit this company.

I must be honest with you, This guy has only 3 staff working with him but he is super clever on how he gets these businesses. The accounts are real accounts and not hacked and not stolen or anything dodgy like that.

The downsides when I used

They was two days late delivering the account to me, He said he was doing extra checks on the seller allowances which took a little while longer then normal.

The positives when I used

I ended up with an account which was top rated and also a power seller and it had over 500 feedbacks from mostly buyers. It also had unlimited selling allowances on the account. I did pay for an account with 200 too 500 feedbacks so they over delivered slightly. My experiences has been good so far and I would be glad to buy an ebay account from them again.

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