Where to Buy Outstanding WordPress Themes

WordPress offers web designers of all levels a wonderful platform on which to create an impressive looking website. The ease of access to web design can be a blessing and a hindrance at the same time. It is all too easy to purchase a massively powerful WordPress Theme from a store like Themefoest.net, only to find that a good deal of CSS and Shortcode knowledge is actually required to be able to replicate the wonderful example site which sold you on the Theme in the first place.

GreatWPsites.com was created as a result of these very frustrations. We wanted to create a site that showed examples of customers’ websites, built using Premium WordPress Themes. In addition, we wanted to feature WordPress sites that were built from the ground up by professionals, where they created a completely custom Theme to create the exact look and feel that their customer was looking for. Where there were no restrictions placed on them by the confounds of a Premium Themes capabilities.

Beginners to the WordPress platform often come across the challenge of becoming stuck with page layouts and struggle to find the best way to display information or content within their site. Having a database of sites to visit to seek inspiration and generate ideas, is one of the main goals of this website. We want lower the entry point for greatness, by making it as easy as possible to execute the ideas that WordPress developers have.

Over time the aim is develop a platform for professional WordPress designers to showcase their work to potential clients all over the world. When a consumer is looking to partner with a developer on a new project, they could visit GreatWPsites.com and review the work of developers from all over the world and compare their work to their peers. Being able to compare sites, read reviews and pricing would allow a consumer to find a developer to work with quickly and easily. Finding someone who has created something similar to what you had in your minds eye already, makes the prospect of finding the ‘right fit,’ so much easier.

Over time, we will be building out our ‘Resource Center’ with a view to adding articles and instructions on how to create certain features of functions that are being utilized by the best of the sites featured on the site. We will be inviting our contributors to submit their articles for inclusion on the site as a guide to others.

In addition to the guides we will be launching a forum to allow developers of all skill levels to ask questions and create discussions on the latest trends, Themes and best practices which are being utilized in the world of WordPress. Great design isn’t always enough to be able to bring thousands of visitors to a site and small changes to how a site is put together can pay off massively when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. This is just one example of how sharing valuable knowledge can help designers of all skill sets.

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