A Step by Step Guide to Planning an Event Booklet

Planning an event is a daunting task, but when it comes to planning an event booklet, you can get overwhelmed quite quickly. It really doesn’t need to be as difficult as you would imagine if you follow a few simple guidelines to help make the planning stages a bit easier. Here are some step by step guidelines to help you plan the perfect event booklet.

1) Planning the Cover

The single most important factor of your booklet must be your front cover. This is what people see first and what will encourage then to take a copy as they enter. Your front cover must have the ‘WOW’ factor so that it draws attention. Whether the event booklet is simply geared towards that event or has important advertising within, you really do want all attendees to have a copy.

2) Fonts and Text

When planning any type of brochure, including event booklets, never ever overuse fonts. One or two is sufficient as nothing looks more like a primary school project than a hodgepodge of fonts interspersed all over the page. Your printer can best advise you one which fonts work best if you are at a loss, but keep the number of them to a minimum. Also, key parts of the program you wish to highlight could be done in blocks to grab attention quickly.

3) Maps, Diagrams & Floorplans

Is your event going to be a huge gathering in a major conference centre with multiple rooms working simultaneously? If so, you may want to have a diagram of the venue as well as a floorplan if seating is to be reserved. A map to the location may also be handy if you are expecting out of town attendees.

4) Event Highlights and Schedules

Here is where those Block fonts will come in handy. Event highlights should be in block text with schedules underneath. Rather than use more than one or two fonts, if there is something you wish to highlight, some key speaker or performer, why not use block text in a complementary colour that stands out?

5) Speakers, Performers and Bios

Even if there is only one single speaker or performer, you will certainly want to give a brief bio for your guests. This is vitally important for an event that is multi-tiered as some of the presenters will probably be unknown to at least a portion of the audience.

6) Contact and Ticketing Info

If your event booklet is going to be made available prior to the event itself, then contact and ticketing info is a must! You can use your eye-catching booklet to increase attendance while using it as a program at the event.

7) Working with Your Printer

Finally, it is vital that you work with your printer. Sometimes pricing is based on the number of colours you use and of course the paper quality and design will also factor in. If you are unsure what your printer requires of you prior to going to press, talk to them! You can’t be expected to know everything there is to know about event booklets so for more information click here.

Once you have designed a booklet with the WOW factor and have approved the layout and design, you can then start thinking about how to distribute it! Even so, don’t really worry because your printer might also be able to give you tips on distribution as well as layout and design. Planning an event booklet is a huge undertaking but with the right print shop you can count on your printer to fill in the blanks.

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