The Power of Photo Booths for Brand Awareness

All businesses, regardless of their size, have to promote themselves to their potential target market in order to attract more customers. There are numerous ways of marketing and promotion, which include online and offline advertising. However, the key is to constantly find new ways to tempt the customers instead of sticking to the old ones. People these days are always in search of something new and the old is going to bore them eventually. Finding interesting and unique ways of attracting customers is a never ending task, but it is even more difficult to find such a way and then ensure it remains relevant enough for customers to talk about it.

This search for new ways and methods of promotions led to the introduction of photo booths. Basically, these photo booths gave people an opportunity to take pictures with their friends and family and get them printed instantly. Soon, you could see photo booths everywhere; at the mall, at weddings, a social gathering or a corporate event. Sure, you can do the same; get a photo booth at your next event and let customers take pictures. But, how many booths would you need? Think of the rental cost or even the investment if you decide to purchase them. Also, people have their smartphones handy so why should they get into a photo booth to take pictures?

Therefore, the entire concept of photo booths has been revolutionized. Now, you have the opportunity of using Instagram booths or hashtag booths for brand activation. The question is how are they different? Instagram booths are ones that can take pictures from Instagram and print them out instantly. Likewise, hashtag booths track and print pictures of particular hashtags. The benefits to your business is in the element of customization. Whether it is Instagram printing or any other social printing, you can print them with your business’s logo or present them in a frame that has a customized cover.

Apart from that, backdrops can also be customized and this is a form of experience marketing that can help the business in satisfying customers. These hashtag photo booths can be used at various corporate events where a specific hashtag can be given out to the guests. They can then take pictures from their own smartphones and tabs and upload them on social networks. They can then pick them up from the photo booth, which is tracking the pictures with the given hashtag and printing them.

The beauty of these photo booths is that they don’t just offer social printing for photos, but also videos. Videos are downloaded and then printed in the form of flipbooks. You can get booths that can create an animated flipbook by printing videos frame by frame. The business can also use photos taken by customers for publicity in the future and this bound to please people as their pictures will be acknowledged. With these event booths, you can create excitement amongst the guests and make the event a success by attracting clients and also gaining exposure on different social media platforms.

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