4 Free Keyword Tools To For Higher Rankings & Better SEO

Keyword research is the bedrock upon which your Sponsored Search (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program’s success will stand or fall.

Discovering keywords and ranking for them is the fundamental strategy by which you tackle an online market and generate traffic, and hopefully, increase sales and inquiries.  To identify relevant keywords and opportunistic phrases, you need to be methodical and organized, and it is in this area that keyword research tools are highly valuable.
 Despite the value of using a keyword research tool, you still have choices between paid services, or explore some of the free tools out there.  Following are (3) Research Tools that helpful and free:

#1.) RankPay’s SEO Opportunity Tool – www.rankpay.com

Yep, we’re biased on this one :).

However we think we’ve built a solid utility for the industry and small businesses.  When we set out to create RankPay with Performance-based SEO Services, we wanted to display a simple-to-use research tool that highlighted the competitive landscape within the natural/organic search results.  We couldn’t find the tool that we were looking for, so we tried to build it, and we’ve been refining it for the past five years.

The process is extremely simple – enter the domain you are seeking to get ranked, and RankPay will check the site, it’s current rankings and the relative competitiveness for the search term. Within 60-90 seconds, you’ll review an assessment of whether the SEO opportunity represented by the term you choose is viable to rank for.  What makes the tool stand out is the simplicity of use, combined with the alternative keyword suggestions which are provided inclusive of volume estimates.

#2.) Keyword Spy’s Research Tool – www.keywordspy.com

This tool comes in both a paid and free version.

The free version allows you to input a domain and provides fairly accurate data on how much that particular site is paying for its paid Sponsored Search traffic.  This is a great tool for competitive analysis, and for ‘spying’ on what keywords your competition is gunning for.

In essence, you are letting your competition do the work and grabbing the keywords which can be seen to be working.  We like this tool because it’s very user friendly, and it provides the ability to export data into a spreadsheet you can track over time.

#3 – SEMRush Competitors Research – www.SEMRush.com

SEMRush is a robust  enterprise-level Tool Suite that helps search engine marketers across Sponsored Search and SEO.  Similar to Keyword Spy, free and paid-for keyword research tools are available.

SEMRush’s Paid Version (a “Pro Account”) provides every bit of insight and analysis an SEM Team would ask for:  keyword suggestions, deep competitive research, ad copy analysis, traffic data, cost estimates and many more attributes.

The free version is restricted in how much data and volume of information it will provide you, however the database it is drawing from is very extensive, so accuracy is generally very good, and you can then make the decision if investing in the ongoing paid version is needed.

Again, all (3) of these tools are FREE, or have very helpful components that are free.

Both Keyword Spy and SEMRush are very popular with agencies and direct marketers that invest heavily in Sponsored Search (PPC).  Our Tool at RankPay is focused on helping small businesses identify keyword opportunities in the Natural/Organic Results.

If you’re a Search Engine Marketer make sure to test all three when you have a chance.  Trust you’ll find all three tools to be reliable, insightful and will help you find additional efficiencies and opportunities within your business.

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