Benefits of Counter Depth Refrigerators

When you are in the market for a refrigerator, you have to consider a number of features and aspects. These include the type of refrigerator such as side-by-side, bottom freezer or top-freezer and whether the refrigerator has an external ice and water dispenser or an internal ice-maker.

Although a portable ice maker is a good option when it comes to drinking, and you can find some good ice makers too at, a refrigerator is still needed for many things. Another important aspect that is part of the counter depth refrigerator buying guide is how far the refrigerator projects into the kitchen space. There are specialized counter-depth refrigerators produced by some manufacturers, which are designed to work with adjacent kitchen counters. Counter-depth refrigerators have become a popular choice these days because they give your kitchen a more streamlined look.

If you are unsure of making this long-term appliance investment, here are a few benefits of counter-depth refrigerator that you can enjoy:

Saving Space

Typically, a standard refrigerator sticks out several inches past the cabinets and counters its next to. These few inches can make a whole lot of a difference when a kitchen has limited space. Either you are constantly bumping the refrigerator door with the back of the chair or you can sit at the kitchen table comfortably; that’s how the counter depth refrigerators help. The space that you are able to save with this type of refrigerator can be used efficiently for adding cabinets, counters or any other piece of furniture you like. For a refrigerator next to the kitchen wall, you can create more wall space for calendars, artwork or other stuff with a counter-depth profile. You also get more walking room and this helps you in avoiding traffic jams in the kitchen.

Aesthetic Value

A fact that you will find in almost every counter depth refrigerator buying guide is that Not only does a counter depth refrigerator help you in saving kitchen space, it can also boost the aesthetic value and kitchen style. As the doors of the counter depth refrigerators are perfectly aligned with those of the surrounding kitchen counters, they are able to add a more streamlined and uniform appeal to the kitchens. In contrast, standard refrigerators stick out way past their surrounding counters and this can detract from the practical appearance and aesthetic value of the kitchen and they appear clunky.

Unique Storage Possibilities

The width of the counter depth refrigerator is greater than the same capacity in the standard depth unit, which sometimes makes it possible for you store wide cold cut trays. This is not possible for someone to do in a narrow refrigerator. Furthermore, this type of refrigerator provides you with more convenient access to the contents. It is a lot easier for you find and retrieve things from inside so you don’t have to extend or bend much. This is an excellent option for people who have a backache or other problems. You also don’t need a lot of room for opening the counter depth refrigerator.


The best part about counter depth refrigerators is that they are available in different price ranges so anyone can get one for their kitchen, even if they don’t have a very big budget. You can look for a manufacturer and get the model that suits your dimensions.

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