Five Technologies Your Startup Can’t Afford to Miss Out On

Technology influences almost every aspect of life today, and paves the way for new startup firms to infiltrate markets that have been long closed to them. Although building a business has never been and never will be easy, the following five inspiring technology developments are driving innovation and creating space for new venture businesses to flourish. Take a look at some new advancements your startup might be missing out on.

Mobile POS Systems

Point of sale (POS) systems, the hardware and software that makes retail transactions possible, remain a source of frustration for many vendors. The technology is complicated and credit card merchant accounts are not exactly easy to get. The solution can be found in mobile apps and magnetic stripe readers that can be plugged into the audio jacks of most commonly owned mobile phones. The technology allows vendors to use their phones to swipe and charge both credit and debit cards making business possible wherever you are.

Affordable 3D Printing

Jaw-dropping 3D printing projects are no longer restricted to those organizations with big budgets. Soon, affordable 3D printers will come on the market. To complement these, high-end units that can “print” toys, jewelry, fashion garments, and even footwear will soon be made available for temporary use in the same way DIY photocopiers are today.

Cloud-Based Appointment Scheduling

Cloud-based appointment scheduling technologies permit the business owner to book client appointments without sacrificing customer service. Used by hairdressers, spas, salons, physical therapists, and a multitude of other professionals, this management tool integrates mobile online booking, marketing, and other important functions and allows people to book appointments themselves and use their credit cards to settle accounts and invoices.

Live Chat Software

Live chat gives the entrepreneur power to engage with web visitors in real time and give a good first impression to site users. Live chat increases conversion rates by giving customers and potential customers instant access to live support. Customer chat software like LiveEngage, is a powerful example of the types of technology solutions that are boosting the prospects of today’s new business startups.

Email Marketing

Research suggests that e-mail list building is still the most effective marketing strategy for the majority of organizations that conduct business online. For this reason, email list building needs to remain a priority for all new startup entrepreneurs. When somebody subscribes to your mailing list, they are letting you know they are interested in your product or service. Email provides you with a warm prospect to market to and a place to build more customers from.

Today’s digital age web technologies can turn your game-changing vision into a rapidly growing business if you approach things correctly. From apps to social media tools to mobile payment processing solutions, starting a new business and making it work is all about finding the correct industrial science tools and technologies that work for you.

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