How to Start a Handyman Business

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It’s no secret that you can do just about any type of repair around a house. For you plumbing is no problem at all. You know how to do small electrical repairs and you could probably rebuild a kitchen or put an addition onto a house if you had to. Maybe you ought to seriously consider going into business for yourself as a handyman. If you are really interested in doing that than there are some things that need to be done in order to properly start your handyman business.

Get Permits

Although handymen don’t specifically need to take out any permits before starting a business, if you are going to be doing any general contracting work, you will need to take out the necessary permits in the cities or towns you will be doing business in. If you don’t then you could be subject to large fines and denied permission to work in those places. You may also need to have licenses to do certain types of work such as electrical and plumbing.

Take out Insurances

There are specific types of handyman insurance that you want to have for your business; some are required and some are just a good idea to have. Required types of insurances will be like workman’s comp to cover injuries to your employees, general liability to cover poor workmanship and mishaps on the job and commercial vehicle insurance to cover any vehicles that are involved in company work activities. You may also want to have such things as an umbrella policy to cover the amounts that are over your other policies limits and to cover intangibles that do not fall under any of your other insurances.

Get a Reliable Work Vehicle

You will need a reliable vehicle to get you back and forth between the jobs. Not only that, you will need a vehicle that you will be able to stock up with a good amount of supplies; you will most likely be going to multiple jobs that are far away from your home and it will waste time running back and forth to your house to get supplies. It must be big enough so you can organize supplies, stock your power tools and hold all the other things that you regularly use to get your jobs done.


There is no use going into business if you don’t have any customers to pay you for your work. How do you get customers? That’s right; you need to do some form of advertising to attract clients to your business. You should do such things as start an internet website, advertise in the phone book, put up flyers around town and tell your family and friends that you are now in business for yourself.

These will cover the major steps for establishing your handyman business. Once you get them out of the way; with a lot of hard work, many dedicated hours in the office and on the job, some smart decision making and a little bit of luck, you can have your business become profitable in no time.

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