New Issues in Marketing Strategies of Law Firms

Marketing ways have become quite strategic in their nature. Experienced lawyers and law firms have started using some of the developing marketing methods which significantly differ from the traditional ways. New methods have included the best law firm marketing structures that place more focus on the importance of market pull rather than product pushing strategies of past. Below are some of the new methods and techniques that have been included by the best law firms and lawyers which draw or adopt from new techniques/methods for the purpose of law firm marketing.

Name Recognition

Successful lawyers and law firms now know the importance of name recognition and service niches which assist them to create a very solid identity, allowing them to brand themselves better and their services. Experts dominate their market while generalists fight still to be seen and heard.

Need for Bloodthirsty Intelligence

Today’s new focus is placed on collecting new information from the available web sources. This process is continuing and at times may be customized towards specific situations and events. Some midsized law firms and lawyers have taken this further by creating position of researcher or market analyst within their law practice. Their job is to perform the needed market research to gain cutthroat intelligence for developing better law firm marketing strategy and plan.

Client Retention and Loyalty

This is an essential benefit often afforded to lawyers and law firms that have developed programs in order to improve their capability to satisfy and maintain many more clients. This often is delivered through Clients’ Satisfaction surveys or interviews that have a potential to advance the client loyalty and retention.

Building Sales Relationship

Many successful and progressive law firms and lawyers do understand the imperative role of one to one business development. It is a very vital element in building up better business relationships skills which can translate to more clients’ relationships easily or at least keeping the customers you have for longer.

Skills Development

Business development tends to be one good method to train attorneys on best practices. It also can help in training of the marketers and other employees in line with firm’s objectives and goals. You can be a great lawyer as well as a great marketer by having the right knowledge.

Uses of Technology

Lots of law firms employ technology to uncover hidden sales opportunities successfully. For instance, engaging with the followers on Social Networks, email marketing communications, newsletters, blog subscription, etc you can utilize technology to remain in touch with client-base if you come across helpful information that will be of best interest to them.

Content Marketing

It is the largest important aspect in attorney internet marketing strategy nowadays. Content marketing still is a quite new concept to lots of law firms; however, is one among the most efficient ways to draw new clients. Publishing excellent content which is relevant and significant to your targeted audience naturally will draw better leads onto your website and enhance your search engine ranking. The law firms that have transitioned to such new advertising techniques are positioned best to continue to draw more sales and clients in the years to come. Since content marketing attracts traffic to your site it becomes much more quantifiable than traditional marketing methods. And, that’s a big element of the hitch with traditional marketing.

Like relying on the past example for making new advertising decisions, law firms and lawyers also tend to imitate and follow advertising models being utilized by their competing firms and peers assuming if others tend to be utilizing these ways and finding success, then you will too. There also is the issue that lots of firms are switching to non-hourly bills and that is expected to help ease changes in legal industry in direction of the non-trial law.

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