Know The Great Ways To Monetize Your Website

There are a number of websites on internet that are created just to earn money. Yes, you heard right! You can monetize your website and earn money every month. And for this, you just have to choose the way to earn from your website. If you are confused about how you can do it, I am telling you about a few ways here.

Affiliate Marketing: It is one of the most popular ways to make money from blogs or websites. In affiliate marketing, one recommends or sells the product of a merchant or manufacturer. When the visitor or user clicks on the affiliate link and buys a product from the merchant’s website, the affiliate website gets a commission. The commission amount may vary from 30% to 70%. As for example, if a user buys a health supplement of $100 through an affiliate website, the affiliate website gets approx $50(an example).

Pay Per Click Advertising: Through Google Adsense, a program made for publishers and advertisers; it is quite easy to earn money from blogs and websites. In order to monetize your website, you just need to place a code on your website and it will start displaying the relevant ads for the websites. For an example, if your blog is about health care, Google adsense will show the visitors the ads for hair care, skin care, eye care etc. When a visitor clicks on the ad, the owner of the website gets paid for every click. It is usually $0.5 to $5, but one can earn much more if his website has enough traffic.

Selling Ad Space:  As it clear from name, one has to sell the space on this website or blog for an advertisement. He just needs to set up a price, such as, “Banner at the sidebar will cost $100 per month”. The best thing about selling ad space is that one gets paid upfront and there is no limit of maximum price. The price depends on the traffic and if the website gets lots of load from the traffic, one may earn up to $5000 per month. But, if the website doesn’t have enough traffic, one should not expect a much higher price.

Sell Your Own Digital Product: Another great way to earn money from your website is to sell your own digital product such as e-books, e-magazines, daily use software and applications, etc. The best thing about the selling your own product is that is no middle men between the seller and the buyer that means the owner of the website doesn’t need to give any commission to anyone. However, one needs to pay a lot of attention to create a really good quality product that can be sold through the website. Moreover, one needs to create unique and engaging content on the website for a higher conversion rate.

Donation/ Finding A Sponsor: Getting additional funds from the readers is another good way to monetize your website. One just needs to set up a Donation button and can ask for funds for readers. But, it’s not as simple as it looks. It’s not that easy to find a sponsor who donates or pays a lot. But by explaining the reasons why one needs the fund and depending upon the traffic of a website, one may get a fair amount of donation.

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