Building an App for Your Company Has Never Been Easier

Building an app for your company used to be a task so expensive and time consuming that only those with massive resources at their fingertips could actually do it. Times are changing. These days it is possible to get an app built in a day for less than €100. “Impossible” you say! Well not anymore with the new online app building platform. You can choose one of their 4 different pricing options and only pay when the app is ready for the app store.

Irish startup AppBeaver has just launched their web-based app builder which lets non-developers build mobile apps using a series of templates.

The Dublin-based startup is targeting independent local businesses in the UK and Ireland, aiming to give them the same marketing tools that competing bigger brands have spent millions on. Users choose from a range of template elements to create their app. Elements like loyalty cards, coupons, mobile ecommerce and booking forms can all be dragged and dropped easily to build the app’s functionality.

Although AppBeaver have a marketing focus on independent local businesses, they also offer a reseller program which can be used by graphic and web designers to offer apps to their clients at massive discounts.

One of the key features of AppBeaver’s platform is the ability for builders to publish their app on multiple platforms, with the system automatically generating the code for their preferred platform so it can be submitted to multiple app stores. At present the supported platforms are iOS and Android. AppBeaver can also be used to create HTML5 Web Apps which can be linked to a custom domain.

The startup has just celebrated its first birthday and said today it has 5000 users who have published more than 400 apps. It projected monthly growth rate is 22%, and added that it is generating more than fifty thousand new downloads per month. Its business model is a mix of 3 self-build options, and a bespoke service for “premium” customers.

When asked about geographic spread, AppBeaver said the majority (66%) of the apps published using its tools are developed in the UK, with around a third (33%) of its customers based in its home market of Ireland.

Commenting on their development in a statement, Sean Murray, Chief Executive Officer of the company said: “AppBeaver is poised for quick expansion across Europe in 2016, we are currently solely focused on our home market and perfecting our operations there. It’s a very exciting time in our evolution.”

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