Retargeting Customers via Email Marketing

One of the cornerstones of digital marketing is email marketing. Regardless of what some people may say, there is no denying that email marketing is an effective way of reaching out to your customers. As a matter of fact, it has been substantiated through research that 77% of people prefer to get promotional materials through email rather than any other channel. Furthermore, they are also more likely to use email for sharing content individually as opposed to broadcasting it over popular social media networks. It is quite challenging for marketers to capture and retain the attention of consumers because they are bombarded with information through countless sources.

Upping the frequency of your emails isn’t a sound solution to counter the attention deficit as customers are going to become annoyed leading them to subscribe. The best way to enhance your email marketing strategy is to supplement it with other forms of outreach as marketing across various channels prove to be a great deal more effective than just using a single channel. This is where retargeting is prove to be immensely beneficial for your business. Incorporating this way of display advertising in your email marketing campaign is easier than you think.

Basically, retargeting allows you to serve ads to those people who have opened your emails and even to those who haven’t done so as yet. With email retargeting, you can take advantage of display marketing for enhancing your email campaign and improve your chances of success. How? Retargeting is considered a powerful digital marketing technique that was previously used for serving ads to those who visited a business’s website. Implementing this technique is incredibly easy, which contributed to its popularity. Only a single line of code had to be added to the website and the visitors were then shown ads of your products and business all around the web.

Email retargeting works in exactly the same way as traditional website retargeting with only one primary difference; instead of targeting website visitors, it simply focuses on your email subscribers. A line of code is placed either in the HTML of your email or in the email signature and anyone who will open the email will be shown ads pertaining to your products and businesses while they are browsing the web. This is a very powerful strategy of keeping your brand in from of all consumers in your email list without sending them lots of emails and that annoy them and lead to mass unsubscribing.

Email addresses can also be used in CRM retargeting, which doesn’t require customers to even open the email much less visit the website. Each email address on your mailing list will be served with ads even if the engagement lapses. This means that you just have to have the email address of your target customers and no action is required on their part for retargeting to take place. Both email and CRM retargeting can work wonders for your marketing campaign and allow you to ensure that your brand remains in front of your customers. 

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