Using Cloud Business Phone System for Your Business’ Growth

Harnessing the power of cloud-based phone systems can make all the difference in your business, whether you’re a long standing company or just venturing out into the business frontier. Cloud-based phone systems use the internet for outgoing and inbound calls. With the growth of cloud services, these systems are gaining popularity.

What’s more, with cloud phone system integration with Office 365, bridging the gap in communication has become less of a problem. Users will be able to click-call contacts by using the Office 365 interface, as well as call both externally and internally through a corporate directory. Audio conferences and online video meetings can be established and will automatically show in the Office 365 calendar.

Why use cloud calling. Cloud-based phone systems give a host of advantage to any business model/industry, some have similarities to other benefits in the cloud computing environment, and others unique to telephony:

Cost Reduction – as with other cloud applications, the low cost of business phone systems is obvious. You won’t need a PBX system, no hand-in-hand, no copper wiring, the only maintenance required is of the actual devices that you’ll be using to make and take calls.
Amalgamated Communications. Through seamless integration between devices, making and receiving calls can be directed to whichever device is available at the moment, whether it be mobile, handset, tablet, or PC. You can also check your voicemail using your email inbox.
Feature-Rich. Businesses of any size now have access to a host of communication features that are often out of reach when using standard telephony systems. Call logs, call diverting, auto attendant and conference calling are standard features of cloud-based business phone systems.
Management. Cloud phone systems are easily manageable through a web browser from any point, and users, handling rules and remote details can be revised or updated when necessary. Billing can also be easily monitored, with all costs specified and reports available for customizing finer details.

Installing business phone systems is a hassle-free and affordable process. In many cases, you can get smooth transitions for both local and remote employees that use existing IP phones or even rented devices, as well as PCs and smartphones that can be connected to their service applications.

Your employees will no longer need other devices as they can simply bring their own devices to work to be integrated into the new system. Business phone systems offer advanced cloud-based phone systems with message management, voicemail, call forwarding, and both traditional-styled phone and even mobile phone connection. If you’re a small business, then you receive the benefits of a professional appearance, lowered cost, as well as a blend of flexible, productive and mobile features.

Call Revolution & Growth Hacking. Email, chat interactions are popular methods of today’s communication, a big percentage of the world, however still relies on and prefers telephonic communication. Understanding when and how to reach your audience is as important as your infrastructure.

The challenge now is leaving your old system for something better. Let’s face it – cloud computing and business phone systems are the future. And you deserve to be there.

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