Udemy: A New Place For Higher Education

Marking the huge success of online education providers over the past decade, it’s noteworthy to see a progression of new online educational aggregators for the career professional. Tech startups such as Coursera and Edx have been making headway along the MOOC area of education, which follows the traditional form of daily lectures and homework.

However, new technology-based education providers are being formed in continuous fashion, giving higher education facilities more to worry about. One of those providers Udemy has been steadfast about increasing its already burgeoning course offerings, offering online classes taught by independent instructors around the globe. The success of the company has sparked interest the investment community too, considering Udemy recently closed on its new funding round of $65M.

Its students are making headlines as well. Featured Udemy students Joe Marani of Marshfield, MA, and John Anthony Radosta of Advanced Sports Technology represent Udemy success stories that span the entire world. According to their stories, each of them encountered their own unique sticking points when seeking to further their knowledge while balancing an already full time role.

Some of the top educational brands around the planet have responded to this technology-based educational change as expected. Harvard Business School recently released their online offerings, heralded as the “pre-MBA” track that users receive applicable course credit and a certificate upon their completion. With brick and mortar retaild being challenged by online options such as Amazon and Sears, it’s not hard to see that traditional institutions of the old way are now being challenged by online competitors. 

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