3 Unique Items That Will Help Put Your Business on the Map

By using three highly effective data analysis tools, you can easily put your business on the map. To grow rapidly, you must monitor your page popularity, traffic sources, and keywords for SEO regularly.

Google Analytics

If your website gets a decent amount of traffic, you can study the biggest traffic sources, the top keywords, and each visitor’s location by using Google Analytics. Because the software has multiple settings, your marketing team can set goals and measure the results each month.

Google Analytic also works with other marketing tools, but everyone can access the data from one console. The process is installing Google’s software on a site is simple. Most people configure everything successfully within minutes without any professional assistance.

Although Google Analytics is helpful, a business needs other tools that are designed to influence sales, such as printed tags. When choosing a provider, select a manufacturing company that specializes in various identification products. Companies like Tagprinters.com offer great solutions for businesses.


Alexa is an analytic tool that compares a site’s performance against other similar sites. On the dashboard, the application provides information about a site’s reach and the number of people who viewed specific pages. The tool also gathers data about keywords that attracted the most visitors on competitors’ sites.

Alexa can help you drive more clients to your site because it has ranking capabilities. A lower number means that a website is popular. By monitoring your ranking each day, you can set monthly goals to ensure faster growth. You can develop a plan by studying the keyword and link patterns that are used on your competitors’ sties. Once you have enough data, simply boost your site’s performance by adjusting your marketing strategies and link building methods.


GoingUp is a marketing tool that has features and functions that benefit online retailers. The software monitors all sales and tracks every conversion. It also has graphs and charts that calculate the percentage of consumers who completed the transaction process. As your business grows, you can easily design marketing campaigns that target consumers in specific cities and states by reviewing the geographical data.

GoingUp also has a feature that tracks trends on a website. By studying this data, you can pinpoint specific pages that influence site growth.

Without good analytic data, a new business will have problems growing into a large company. These three items are worth considering because they are used by many established businesses.

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