4 Things Your Employees Will Expect from Your New Business

Welcome to Your New Business 101. Today we will be talking about what your employees will expect when they begin working for your company. The reason this subject is so important is because employees today have options. They expect more out of businesses than in years past.

If they do not get what they want, often times they will simply look for an employer who goes the extra mile to make the work environment suit their preferences. Gone are the days when employees simply work for a paycheck. Nowadays, it is those extra perks that make all the difference.

A Good Cup of Joe

If you think that cheap box of instant coffee is going to keep good talent around, you are sadly mistaken. Today’s employees expect that their boss has as finely tuned tastes in coffee as they do. Employees know their way around a coffee shop, they know the expensive gourmet blends by name, and they know that substandard coffee is an insult.

You must remember, these are the people in whose hands you have placed the fate of your business. Giving them the coffee they like goes a long way towards getting more productivity out of them during business hours.

In-House Vending Machines

Your employee walked out of the house and forgot his lunch. As a result, this employee is going to start feeling the hunger set in around lunch time. With little more than pocket change to work with, your employee is unlikely to head out for expensive fast food. By perusing low-cost, used vending machines for sale, you can potentially both keep your expenses down and your employee’s energy levels up.

With easy-to-obtain vending snack choices kept in-house, this makes it possible for your employee to not be distracted by that mid-afternoon lull also. In addition, the more your employees use your vending machines, the more profits you stand to make as an extra passive income stream.

Paid Time Off

It is fashionable for new companies to offer employees PTO (Paid Time Off) options. As an added perk, it gives an employee something to work for. Accumulating PTO helps an employee make it through rough times. An employee likes the added security of knowing that they can take a day off in a pinch and still get paid for the time they miss from work.

Some employees simply like the cushion saving up PTO creates. This is especially the case if they are forced to leave their job, having some extra cash saved up for just such an emergency to help them stay on their feet between employment opportunities.

I Want to Do It My Way

You might think that being the boss entitles you to expect that everything in your new business should be done exactly the way you want it done. According to Inc.com, studies show that employees typically do not always roll that way. On the contrary, it is often observed that employees are actually far more productive if their employers give them more autonomy in the work place to figure out how to get the job done their own way.

Sure, you can still impose deadlines and certain stipulations, but the name of the game here is to compromise to get more out of your employees. The payoff is that both parties get more of what they want, and the job will often get done in a far more efficient manner.

Your new business is home to any number of modern employees. As such, it is important to listen and find out more about what your employees expect when they start working for you. The better you are able to meet their expectations; it is likely going to reflect more positively in how your employees go about striving to meet the expectations you put forth to them.

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