Simple Yet Amazing Things That Tamadapp Does For You

Simple Yet Amazing Things That Tamadapp Does For You

Smartphones have integrated into the lives of modern people. In many cases, they have become the all and everything. Smartphones can do things that dozens of different appliances used to do 10 years ago. Intelligent developers from around the world keep coming up with amazing applications that make the lives for smartphone users even easier. One such endeavor has been done by the developers of TamadApp. TamadApp makes it easy for you to inform someone when you are visiting them. It informs them of your arrival in advance after you have set it up.

The main idea of the application sounds pretty simple but it can really bring great convenience in your life if you visit people quite often. The developers of the application have made it as easy to use as they could have. You just select the contact number of the person or enter the phone number yourself to set up TamadApp. After choosing their number you will enter their address as well. Now, since it can be quite difficult to insert the exact address, you could use the search feature on the application. The final step is to set up the application to send a message to the person before your arrival.

The time at which your SMS will be sent can be decided based on how much it will take you to reach their home. If you set the time to be 10 minutes, the SMS will be sent when you are at a 10-minute drive away from their house. This is an amazing application that will help you reach people’s home and not wait for them. It happens quite often that you reach a friend’s house and they are busy doing some other things i.e. about to leave the house for grocery shopping.

While you are scheduled to meet them already, it feels awkward when they have to cancel their trip because of you. It’s not their fault. It’s the modern lifestyle in which busyness can make people forget anything. You could also set the application for a meeting. You don’t want to keep on sending messages to your boss or colleagues while driving when you have to attend an important meeting. The best way is to set up TamadApp to send a notification as soon as you are a few minutes away from your destination.

This amazing application is already available for iPhone users. Android users will also be able to make use of the application pretty soon. With this application on your phone, you won’t ever be caught texting while driving. Furthermore, you will always find your family, relatives, friends and loved ones standing at their doors waiting for you when you visit them.

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