Tips For Deciding What You Should Blog About

Tips For Deciding What You Should Blog About

It’s easy enough to say you want to start a blog, and it’s been recommended everywhere on the interwebs to have a blog if you have a business, but then there’s that matter of deciding what to blog about. It may seem like having a business can make that decision easier, but not all businesses are straightforward and you need a blog concept that sticks to one frame of mind and your chosen demographic.

If you want to blog and you’re struggling with what to make your blog about, there are some things that you can consider that may help you find a niche. Just remember, you want to have a theme and a demographic, and then consider the following.

Blog About Your Business

If you have a business of some kind and want to create a blog for it then your topics are kind of solidified. You want to talk about things that are related to your business, Of course, you may still feel like you have some difficulty decided what about your business to talk about.

If you have a roofing business your posts will revolve around roof care, how to determine when there is a problem with a person’s roof, and could even extend to other household information that cans till be related back to your roof, like winter snow removal tips for your home, rather than the roof in general.

Blog About Self-Help

If you’re starting a personal blog, or your business has something to do with people bettering their lives, then you could create a blog that reflects on self-help topics. For a personal blog, you can choose everyday topics that are things that you have dealt with in your own life. If you got divorced and recently entered the dating world, you could blog about all of the things you’ve been through in romance.

If you work as a life coach, sell beauty products, or you just have a passion for fitness, you could blog about these things. Give tips on the best beauty products or how to look good without makeup. You could blog about fitness for any age, or how to motivate yourself to work out even when you don’t really want to.

Follow The Trends

Things like mommy blogs are a big deal, and people eat them up with a spoon. You don’t have to feel like you’re being the same as everyone else, and once you start blogging you’ll realize this personal blog of your own takes on a life of its own.


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