Become a Successful Entrepreneur with 10kStartup

Become a Successful Entrepreneur with 10kStartup

It happens every day; someone comes up with a great idea for a startup and go about setting it up. A few months later, the whole thing is tanked and the entrepreneur is left floundering. What did they do wrong? This is the question a huge number of people have to face and it is one of the reasons why many don’t move forward with their ideas. It is a waste of creativity when you don’t use a good and solid idea and establish a business through it. The new, young and budding entrepreneurs just need the assistance and advice of people who have been through this before and know what steps to take and this is where 10kStartup comes in.

Formed by Pedro, Paolo, Andre, Joao and Daniel, this is a London and Lisbon based team of experts who are willing to provide a unique set of services to entrepreneurs that can help them in transforming their good and creative ideas into marketable MVPs i.e. Minimum Viable Products and prototypes. Why should you use You can rely on 10kStartup become it is a team of entrepreneurs who also founded startups and have had a number of successes and failures under their belt.

They have worked in different segments and have had varying experiences in numerous roles. This has provided them with plenty of experiences that can come in handy for others who wish to avoid mistakes when setting up a startup. They use this expertise and information they have garnered to help others in getting off the ground. Their aim is to assist entrepreneurs by validating their ideas and assisting them in establishing a vision for their business. The team of 10kStartup aids throughout the development of prototypes and products and then uses both internal and external testers to judge it.

They have high standards of quality and use the most advanced technologies for assisting first-time founders and entrepreneurs in keeping their dreams afloat. Their motto is to bring your idea to life in just one month and they accomplish this through four steps, which are outlined below:

Step 1: The first thing 10kStartup does is to assess the startup idea. They basically dive into the deep end and play the role of second-time founders by getting to know the idea from head to toe. Once they have understood your vision, they are able to select the core features that are needed for launching your MVP in 30 days.

Step 2: This is the product stage where they use 2 simple steps for developing the product; UI mockups and UX wireframes. They move onto the next phase after you have made adjustments.

Step 3: They have developers and engineers to make the process of software development less overwhelming. You will be explained in simple language so you understand exactly what is happening.

Step 4: This is the liftoff stage where the app is finished, but not ready. First, it will be tested by you and a couple of people you choose. Any problems that arise are fixed and then it takes off.

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