The Innovative Ways A Business Can Be Marketed With

The Innovative Ways A Business Can Be Marketed With

Marketing is the ongoing process for any business and is equally important for small, medium and large sized businesses. The past belonged to advertisements on newspaper, announcements on radio and huge pictures on the billboards. Internet brought the revolutionary and unprecedented changes in marketing for businesses all around the world. Despite dozens of ways available for marketing on the internet, not all businesses get the same level of success with their marketing. This is because they have different approaches to marketing. With so much marketing going on, it makes more sense for businesses to be innovative and creative with their marketing.

So, how can you be creative and innovative with marketing? Here are a few innovative ways to market your business and stand out from the rest of the competition in your industry:

Artistic Marketing

Several businesses have incorporated art in their marketing and this has worked well for them. With this type of marketing you use artists to your advantage and both the parties benefit from each other i.e. you and the artist. You can be as creative and innovative with artistic marketing as you can. However, this type of marketing suits more to businesses that have already established a name and rapport with customers. It will not prove to be any good for small and starting businesses.

According to an interesting video by Las Vegas Video Production Company, with this type of marketing, you mean to send an indirect message to your customers to remind them of your brand – of course, you need to be a brand to remind them of it. This results in indirect selling as someone else’s art works to your advantage. For example, you could ask a famous artist to use the name of your guitar brand in his/her song – it’s publicity and indirect marketing.

Use The Drones

There are some big businesses that have put this technology to use for their marketing, but it has not become a big and popular thing yet. This gives you the chance to market using drones and be recognized differently from your competitors. Drones open a completely new door of advertising and marketing for you. Not only can you use them to display certain messages to people but also to deliver small samples of your new product to the customers. How about delivering small packets of your newly introduced mixture of coffee beans with a new roast? The best thing is that drones can fly anywhere and so you can use them to market your product to regions that have the most potential market for your products and services.

Be Marketed Within Marketed Material

If you have a product that compliments some other products, you could propose those companies to allow you to market your brand within their marketing campaigns. This type of marketing is already in use and it can be done in many different ways. You could either partner with other companies to be marketed in their marketing or use third parties for this purpose. For example, a company that sells de-branded skins for smartphones has been active in appearing in almost all the latest smartphone reviews on YouTube. So, a reviewer might be talking about an iPhone, Galaxy Note or some other phone and insert a small section in the video advertising de-branded skins for smartphones. It is innovative, it is new and it works.

Through Pranks

Yes, the world has advanced enough to use pranks for marketing purposes too. Some companies are already benefitting from this type of marketing and you can do too. However, it helps more when you use YouTube celebrities who are already known for pranks and have millions of followers. You also want your pranks to be as harmless as possible to not send a negative impression of your brand just because of a bad prank. For example, you could ask the artist to a harmless prank in the library e.g. reading some funny book aloud with earphones on, and present your newly launched book as a souvenir after revealing the prank. You just have to pick a place where your product can be best marketed. Once again, be as harmless as you can with the pranks since angering people could instead turn them against your brand.

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