Steps for Registering a Start up Company in India

Steps for Registering a Start up Company in India

Are you starting up your new business? If you are starting up a new business, you must know that to run your business successfully and to make your own reputation in market, you need to register your start-up. It is a foremost and important step before starting any business. To register your start-up company, there is a need to follow certain steps in accordance with Ministry of Corporate affairs. Earlier, people used to register for start up company in India by visiting many offices, but now it is convenient to register start-up online with the ease of use. If you are running an online business in India, register online business India.

Steps to register online business India:

1.  Applying for DIN and DSC:

To register for a start-up company in India, first you need to apply for Director Identification number that hardly takes one day to complete this procedure. Cost to apply for DIN for a start up might be only Rs.100. one you get DIN, next step is to register for a DSC i.e. digital signature certificate that can be obtained within a period of 6 days and its cost might vary and usually ranges between Rs. 400 to Rs. 2650.

2. Apply for approval of company name and certificate of incorporation:

Next step after obtaining DIN and DSC is to reserve your company name and to take approval from government authorities so that no one else could use your company name for their use. Certificate of incorporation is a type of legal document that is needed to register online business India. To get the certificate of incorporation, you need to some documents like form32, memorandum of association, articles of association and some more important documents.

3. Apply for PAN:

The next step is to apply for PAN that usually takes 15 days to complete. It is an important document to start the business.

4. Apply for TAN:

Once you apply for PAN and you get your PAN document, next step is to apply for TAN i.e. Tax account number which is needed for income tax purposes. To run a legal business, TAN is the foremost document.

5. Apply for VAT:

Value Added Tax is the much needed process to be done, especially if your business is related to sell and purchase. For this procedure, you need to contact sales tax officer.

Although the above discussed steps might seem easy to perform, but actually it’s not that easy to get so many approvals in a short span of time from government authorities. If you have to register online business India but you have no idea and no time to get all the procedures to be done, then there is nothing like to worry about. You can register your start up company easily with the help of ClicknFile. Whether you need to start a private limited company or one person company, ClicknFile helps you to get your start up registered in just few days at affordable prices.

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