7 Reasons to Have a Vending Machine at Work

7 Reasons to Have a Vending Machine at Work

You might not think having vending machines in your break room at work has much benefit to your business or your employees, but you’d be wrong. There are actually many reasons why investing in a vending machine is a good idea, and here are seven of them.

1. Employees Can Forget To Bring Their Lunch

Having vending machines available can be a great help to employees when they occasionally forget to bring their lunch. It happens to everyone every now and again. They’re also a cheaper alternative than going out to lunch, which some of your employees might not really be able to afford.

2. They Increase Productivity

It’ll take less time for an employee to buy a snack from a vending machine than it will be for them to make one themselves, and possibly get distracted along the way. If there’s a big time crunch at work, having a vending machine available will also give employees the option of grabbing something quick to eat rather than going out to lunch. It’s important, however, to watch for this becoming too prevalent, because it could mean employees are working too hard all the time and might eventually get disgruntled and burned out.

3. They’ll Increase Employee Satisfaction

Placing a few vending machines throughout your office and in your break rooms is a gesture that shows employees you care about them and want to provide for them while they are working at your company. This is especially true if you offer the machines for free.

4. They Keep Your Employees Awake and Alert

Having a vending machine that serves tea and coffee will provide an easy way for your employees to get caffeine throughout the day without having to take the time to make or go out and buy it. Getting a snack to spike low blood sugar can also serve to give your employees a jolt.

5. They Can Promote A Healthier Lifestyle

More and more vending machines are coming stocked with healthier options than the traditional chips, cookies and soda, although all of those can be good as a treat every once in a while. Investing in vending machines that provide healthier snacks and drinks will promote a healthier lifestyle among your employees and hopefully even lead to your company not having to pay higher rates for health insurance or lose productivity due to employees taking sick days.

6. Food and Drinks Will Always Be Available

With a vending machine in your office, food and drinks will always be available to your employees whenever they want them. Hiring out a vending machine service will put you on their vending routes and your machine will get restocked once every few days or so, so food and drinks will always be available to your employees when they need them and to any clients who are visiting your office. They’re easy to manage to boot, since all you need is a contract and the vending machine company will maintain the machines so neither you nor anyone on your staff will need to.

7. You Can Make Money off It

If you buy a refurbished vending machine and stock it yourself, you can make a profit off vending sales. Do this with caution, however, as it might rouse employee ire if they feel you’re forcing them to pay for water and snacks at the workplace. This approach might work for employees, but probably works best when the machine is accessible to your clients.

When handled correctly, adding a vending machine or two to your kitchen area actually has a lot of benefits for both your employees and your business, including from financial, productivity and employee satisfaction standpoints. If your business doesn’t already have a vending machine in your break room, you might want to consider investing in one.

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