A Comprehensive Guide to ESports Betting

A Comprehensive Guide to ESports Betting

People with a penchant for betting on eSports typically fall into two categories. The first category include fans of video games who are interested in playing for enjoyment and for money. The second category comprises of people who are dedicated gamblers and they are willing to bet on anything, as long as they believe they have an edge and there is a chance they will win. Regardless of which category you fall into, there is no denying that a surprising amount of money can be made through eSports betting. The market has positively exploded in the 21st century and it continues to gain even more popularity with each passing year.

If you don’t know much about it, you can find everything you need to know below:

What is eSports?

In simple terms, eSports are basically video game competitions. They are fighting games, first-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arenas also called MOBA and real-time strategy titles. Also termed as mind sports, the tournaments of these games include teams of players from different areas of the globe and they are all competing to score higher than their opponents.

eSports Tournaments

There are several eSports tournaments held for determining the best of the best. While some of these competitions are smaller affairs, there are massive ones that are held in stadiums and draw huge crowds. It is becoming more common to hear about live broadcasts of these events as movie theatres and other venues are willing to broadcast them to a paying audience and some are also broadcasted on television. If you are interested in eSport Bets, you should know some of the major competitions and tournaments such as The International, LoL World Championship, The Shanghai Major, Smite World Championship, Call of Duty Championship and Blizzcon World Championship amongst others.

Popular eSports Games

Before you decide to partake in eSports betting, it is necessary for you to know your options. There are numerous games you can choose to bet on. The term eSports doesn’t refer to just one sport and you should have a working knowledge of the games in order to make your betting decisions. Some of the hot games you can bet on are listed below:

– League of Legends
– Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
– Dota 2
– StarCraft 2
– Call of Duty
– Smite
– Heroes of the Storm
– Hearthstone

Where to do your betting?

Action on eSports is becoming accepting on an increasing number of sportsbooks and there are a wide array of sites that have been set up for dealing exclusively with these events. However, most of the games are of the MOBA variety or team-based, which means fans of fighting games may not get the opportunity of indulging in eSports betting. Placing a bet is similar to what you do when you bet on another sporting event. You have the chance of betting on overall winners, goals and numerous other statistics that can have a direct impact on the game’s outcome. But, the primary wager in eSports betting is choosing one of the two competing teams.

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