Factors You Need to Know About Salary Segotiation

Factors You Need to Know About Salary Segotiation

The entire salary negotiation process can be very stressful. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what factors are considered when giving you a figure? Here’s a list of a few factors considered by a prospective employer. Keep these in mind for successful salary negotiation techniques.

Level of the job within the organization:

Are you applying for an entry-, mid-, or senior-level position? This will determine how much you will be offered. Many mid-level job seekers make the mistake of applying for entry-level jobs in Dubai and expect a mid-level salary. Don’t be fooled. If you do get the job, you will be giving away mid-level skills for entry-level pay.

Your Career Progression:

What have you done with you career? An employer will be assessing how you’ve capitalized on the opportunities available to you. If you’ve remained in the same type of job for the past 5 years, but haven’t shown any significant progress, remember that your compensation will reflect this.

Geographic Area:

A lawyer in Washington, D.C. Metro can command a significantly larger salary than a lawyer practicing in Cheyenne, Wyoming. If you are relocating, do your homework and understand costof-living adjustments in order to continue living the life that you want. Use the CNN Money Calculator to assess differences between cities.

Existing Industry Economic Conditions:

Always be aware of what is going on within your industry. You can usually get great advice regarding conditions at the Occupational Outlook Handbook . Also review all professional association websites for your industry.

Salary negotiation for employees can be a tricky task! Knowing what employers are looking for can help you to prepare to negotiate your best salary. What will you do with this information?

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