Super Flashlight App by Mobilead Inc. Review

Super Flashlight App by Mobilead Inc. Review

Another amazing app by Mobilead Inc, the Super Flashlight was updated on January 25, 2017. It’s a simple flashlight application with LED light that instantly turns your smartphone or tab into a bright flashlight.

The app has a simple and easy-to-use layout pattern. It offers a great user interface with optimum functionality. With free plug-ins such as the strobe and blinking light, the Super Flashlight ensures the instant availability of brighter flashlight whenever and wherever needed.

Alike other LED flashlights apps, the user interface in this particular app has a resemblance to a basic handheld flashlight along with a simple glide of the on-screen switch that is used to activate the beam. The app includes a free blinking mode that is particularly designed to adjust the blinking frequency for the flashlight.

This ultimate lighting app has full advantages of LED light for your device. With an amazing interface and dazzling graphics, the Super Flashlight app is the prettiest flashlight you can ever get in hand.  The app deploys the flash on the back of your device to turn into a flashlight instantly.  Moreover, it has built-in SOS flashlight signal and the brightest illuminator ever.

The strobe mode of the app incorporates the sensitive frequency controller. Offering the beams of an intuitive and elegant UI design, the app has lots of lighting benefits to let you enjoy the cam LED flashlight in the darkness.  Also, the app offers free downloads to make your cell phone serve as a LED flashlight or a torch, and has no other risks as well. The feature eventually saves you money in the long run as you don’t have to deal with the hectic of replacing the batteries as you would do with a regular incandescent bulb or torch.

The Super Flashlight app has perfectly imitated the idea of how the lens part surrounding the lamp in many flashlights is adjustable for expansion or contraction with the beam itself. Its features make the app more competitive in the declining market of flashlight applications. However, the functionality alone makes the Super Flashlight app worth a gander.

The Super Flashlight is compatible with all smart devices like smartphones and tabs and requires Android 3.0 or higher version to install. The app is available in its current version 1.2 and can be downloaded from Google Play at no cost. This Android-compatible LED flashlight app has millions of successful downloads so far which tells the story of its popularity and success.

Super Flashlight Review
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With free plug-ins such as the strobe, the Super Flashlight ensures the instant availability of brighter flashlight whenever and wherever needed.

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