IMEI Changer Apk Review: Unlock Any Cell Phone

IMEI Changer Apk Review: Unlock Any Cell Phone

One of the easiest ways to unlock any cell phone device is to simply change its IMEI code. Naturally there are other options to do this, but all of the SIM unlocking solutions offered before were either pricey, lengthy, complicated or even bordering to illegal. I completely understand why you would rather have your mobile phone SIM locked than trying out one of the not-so-safe solutions.

Today, however, you can remove the SIM lock off your cell phone device in the most legal way possible. The IMEI Changer Apk has nothing to do with the carrier’s database, as most of the other SIM unlocking methods were operating before. This means that you can now unlock any device that you wish to unlock with no fear of doing something wrong.

In most of the countries, SIM unlocking is regarded as a normal activities, but still there are some boundaries regarding the policies of the mobile carriers in that country. Luckily for you, the IMEI Changer Apk and the change that it does is very well welcomed anywhere in the world. So, wherever you may live, whatever the laws in your country may be, this is the right solution for you.

The benefits of the SIM unlocked cell phone device are plenty, so don’t get me start on that one. Since your reading this article your probably well aware about all the benefits you will be having once your device is no longer under the dreaded SIM lock. This is why I will not stall any longer and will immediately disclose the instructions of the SIM unlock via the free IMEI Changer Apk.

Unlocking your cell phone device by changing its IMEI code

The first thing you would want to do is to find your current IMEI code, I.e. the code you would want changed. You can either dial *#60* or you can enter your settings menu and find the IMEI in the “about phone” entry.

When you find the IMEI code, one way or another, write it down on a piece of paper or save it in a text document. Whatever suits you best. Don’t try to memorize it because it is long and you can easily mistake one digit for another.

Now you can start the download of the IMEI Changer Apk. Once this is done you must install the tool so that it can work later.

Grab your USB cable and connect your cell phone device to the computer. Double click on the IMEI Changer Apk to open it.

When you’re in the software application you will see several required fields. These would be the field requiring your IMEI code, country, carrier and your email address. Enter them to the best of your knowledge and click “IMEI change”

Your IMEI will be changed in ten to fifteen minutes. You will receive an email confirming you this as well as an email with your new IMEI code.

When you receive the last email address you should know that the SIM lock activation is no longer on and that you can use any SIM card you wish.

IMEI Changer Apk Review
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The IMEI Changer Apk has nothing to do with the carrier’s database, as most of the other SIM unlocking methods were operating before.

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