Influencer Marketing: The New Content King

Influencer Marketing: The New Content King

Influencer marketing is taking the marketing industry by storm. Despite being available for decades, it is now that people begin to see the ripples caused by this marketing strategy. Just to mention, influencer marketing is the newly endorsed method that enables diverse brands to reach and connect with their customers and develop trust in their products. They act as middle persons between the company and customers. Compared to old marketing strategies, Instagram, ambassador programs, large scale bloggers and other forms of influencer programs are the new kings of content. In spite not being an easy way of content marketing, results from this medium choice are worth the effort.

So to say, the role of bloggers in influencing industry cannot be ignored. Many people look up to such individuals or groups before making purchase decisions. Deep research has proved that up to 92 percent of consumers’ rally behind blog ideas and brand sites before making any purchase decisions. Consumers are hugely influenced by someone else’s experience of a brand. Only a few consider the brand itself. Additionally, various companies with extensive knowledge on the importance of using this form of marketing are setting huge budgets for this procedures.

Influencer marketing can help resolve many problems and shortcomings in a firm. Besides reaching the customer, they promote many other aspects of the company. Bearing this in mind, getting results from influencer marketing requires a keen choice of the influencer. Many people usually turn to blog and other social media platforms for this without other considerations. However, you should note that blogs and platforms with greater domain authority are a priority. This means that the platform will rank among the top when searched by customers gaining more traffic. Key is, the influencer should have influence or command a certain number of followers or a target audience. Having said this, what are the benefits of influencer marketing?

Benefits of Influencer Marketing                                                  

  1. Improve your search rankings

As indicated earlier, digital marketing has evolved greatly in recent times. Many people consider keyword optimization as the best option in this digital era. However, this isn’t always true as Google and other powerful search engines value and prioritize high-quality organic links. Therefore, without high-quality sites linking to your products, expect minimal traffic increase. Certainly, you will have a rough time trying to outrank other competitors.

However, winning is simple. The key is partnering with influential bloggers for quality reviews and features of your products and services. Such social influencer services will overwhelmingly drive traffic culminating in improved rankings. Bloggers have a huge following to create an impact. You can go for an established blogger or hire many micro-bloggers for this.

  1. Generate high-quality leads

Working with influencers who specialize in your niche is of immense importance. Micro-influencers may specialize in specific niches. Behind them, are customers who rally and follow what they think of a product or service. Hiring an influencer therefore in your niche will be important as the brand’s visibility, and awareness within the relevant market will increase. Choosing the right influencers with a ready market behind them, therefore, guarantees an increased customer base.

  1. Reach and engage new target audience

All companies have a target of reaching new clients to increase their customer base. However, reaching many people can be such a daunting task. Therefore, many people usually opt for giveaways and contests to engage the audience. The other option involves contacting any leading influencer. With such an influence, you can guarantee better and effective market outreach. These people can also help you reach new audiences within your scope.

  1. Drive conversations

Hiring or opting for influencer marketing does not always guarantee success. Like other marketing strategies, there are challenges and obstacles all along. When it comes to this, some consumers may be hesitant and skeptical even after employing the services of a lead influencer. By commenting on the social post by the influencer, the customer can generate serious conversations about the product. Shout-outs, features, and reviews will certainly boost the visibility of the brand. Besides, if you are offering discounts, many people will rush to purchase the product from the influencers post.

  1. Build Trust

Many customers, actually up to 92 percent, rely on what bloggers and influencers think of the product before making purchases. Therefore, using a trusted influencer translates to improved trust in your product. However, this requires a choice of influencers who are conversant with your brand or line of products. So to say, many small and upcoming businesses use this medium to outdo better-known competitors.

  1. Saves on money

Compared to other mediums of marketing, influencer marketing is relatively cheap and affordable. By paying the influencer, you will be in a position to reach the huge crowd of followers rallying behind. Besides, influencer marketing has a low maintenance cost. Profits generated from this strategy are certainly worth the cost.

  1. Saves time and work

By allaying marketing duties to another person, you will be in a position to concentrate on your schedule. Unlike other marketing channels and mediums where you play a role, influencer marketing is heavily dependent on the influencer. Therefore, the stresses of marketing leave your plate immediately you sign a contract.

  1. Damage control

Influential people can reverse the negative opinions and reviews of your products or services. Your product or service may have gotten on the wrong path due to common missteps or competitor tomfoolery. Employing the services of an influencer may return and improve the sales of the product in the market.


As outlined above, the benefits of considering this marketing strategy cannot be ignored. However, employing a well-versed influencer is key to your success. Therefore, ensure that you put several factors into consideration before hiring one. Some of the factors are highlighted below.

  • Go for a realistic influencer who shows commitment, gives time conscious targets and confidence.
  • Consider the relevance of the influencer
  • Influencers follower base
  • Cost of the whole project

By looking into the factors mentioned above, you will certainly find a suitable influencer. With this, you can be guaranteed of better results when it comes to product sales, trust and demand. Additionally, expect a significant increase in customer base. For negative reviews, a positive turn-around is possible. This idea also augers well with the current trend in product marketing which is digital marketing.

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