Spring Budget Cuts Don’t Need to Mean Bad News for Entrepreneurs

Spring Budget Cuts Don't Need to Mean Bad News for Entrepreneurs

In a recent article posted in the Exeter Daily, it is reported that the Spring Budget recently announced could spell bad news for businesses, especially for entrepreneurs who are already having a hard time starting a new company. Dividend allowances are being cut from £5,000 to £2,000 and NIC contributions are being raised.

Growing a company can be extremely challenging, but when confronted with additional financial liabilities, it gets even harder to tackle. Even so, this doesn’t need to mean the end of an era of entrepreneurs because there are ways to significantly grow a new business that don’t rely heavily on investments of time and money. Looking to offset these new financial obstacles? Here are a few thoughts on that!

Automate Processes to Cut Down on Labour Costs

Yes, as an entrepreneur you’d like to grow a company with hundreds of employees, but in the beginning that may not be financially feasible. Don’t despair just yet because there are ways to use technology to automate a number of processes, especially within marketing, so that you can grow your business to a point where you are financially stable enough to hire more employees. Automated mass emailing and outsourcing social media posts can significantly grow your market share at a cost that makes sense, even for a new company with limited funding.

How to Grow a Contact Base Quickly and CHEAPLY!

When it comes to a B2B endeavour, one of the things which you heavily rely on a marketing team for is growing a list of business contacts. Usually this is done by sending reps to industry events or cold canvassing businesses via lead generation lists. While this may be helpful to some, when it comes to email, you can find e mail addresses with a proprietary email search engine that lets you set the parameters according to your needs.

In the End Automation Is Probably Your Best Friend

By automating your emails, you can send a newsletter or updates regularly and with a highly targeted base of recipients. It may take several rounds for your ‘brand’ to become easily identifiable to those recipients, but over time, your business will be instantly recognised because of the regularity of those emails. Governments may be raising taxes and contributions, but you can overcome all that with a few savvy automated processes to cut back on salaries. Once you’ve become established and have a stronger financial position, you can hire those people you’ve dreamed of employing.

For now, automation is probably going to be critical in cutting back on expenditure until government has their issues ironed out – which may be never. But even so, automated marketing can help you grow beyond what they are willing to do for SMEs in the UK, and that’s something to hold on to while absorbing what all these cuts mean to you and thousands of entrepreneurs like you. Marketing automation can be your very best friend in these uncertain times, and that’s a fact you can take to the bank.


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