Windscribe VPN Review: Be Safe While Surfing

Windscribe VPN Review: Be Safe While Surfing

In this world of web, it is very important that we keep in mind and be mindful of whom we are sharing information with. The web has given us a lot of tools to get advantage from and right on the other hand we have malicious stuff that can harm us. Identity theft on the internet is a serious concern and we have to make sure we don’t caught into it.

Luckily, we have tools like VPNs that help us hide our identity on the internet. One of the best VPN available is the Windscribe VPN which comes with a lot of features that you can use. Let’s take a look at what features Windscribe has to offer here.

Windscribe VPN Features

Windscribe is a VPN that provides all the necessary VPN features without burning a hole in your pocket and you will not believe what these features are and what price they come at. Let’s have a look at some of its highlighted features below.

  • We have seen that our governments tend to block certain internet websites so people cannot access it at all. Some of these blocked websites are very useful and hence Windscribe can help you access these websites easily.
  • Using a public Wi-Fi isn’t the most secure thing to do. You are exposed to malicious hackers but if you use Windscribe VPN, your data will be kept hidden from any hackers that might be snooping around.
  • Easy and secure file sharing capability. Windscribe VPN provides an easy to use file sharing tunnel that no one can spy on.
  • If your ISP tracks your internet activities, Windscribe VPN will eliminate the problem and you will be kept hidden from anyone who might be prying on your personal data.
  • Windscribe VPN doesn’t keep any logs of your usage so your data isn’t accessible by anyone. Not even Windscribe.
  • Windscribe has a very effective firewall that stops your IP from getting revealed to people who might use it for bad purposes. Windscribe takes advantage of IPv6 and makes sure no data is leaked by using DNS leak protection.
  • Compared to many other VPNs, the browsing speed while using Windscribe always remains good and you will never feel that you are on a low speed network while using it.

Windscribe VPN Price & Plans

The best part about Windscreen is that there’s a free plan that you can try out to see how well it works. But there are limitations on the free account. You can use it only on one device and you get just 10GB bandwidth which is very less. But if you upgrade your plan and move to a paid plan, you will be able to get more speed, more bandwidth and you will be having access to more than 40 countries servers.

Windscribe VPN Final Verdict

As you read in the details above, Windscribe provides a lot of features and has amazing functionality and speed. Having a VPN is necessary in today’s times and Windscribe sure is a great choice. You can use it on a PC or you can install the Chrome extension which will help you use the VPN right inside your browser. Setting it up is a breeze and then you will be safe from all the hackers and other anti-social elements who are waiting to steal your info on the web.

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