Create A Brochure That Helps Your Company Thrive

Create A Brochure That Helps Your Company Thrive

When growing your business, there are so many unique ways to market your company’s vision and services. Brochures can be an excellent, effective way to gain the attention of potential clients. A popular misbelief is that brochures are outdated due to the increase in internet advertising and social media. Luckily, that’s just a myth, and a clearly outlined, flawless brochure is a tangible item that can be saved for later information and goes a long way with captivating the reader. Here are few pointers to guide you in the right direction when creating your own beautiful brochure.

Perfect Your Headline

The best place for your headline is, of course, on the cover. Simple and straightforward draws the customer in. It can also be clever or informative. Use an eye-grabbing word or catchphrase to draw your customer in. Make sure the cover isn’t crowded with too much information. Avoid irrelevant pictures and size all fonts correctly. Ensure it has a matching color scheme, even if it’s in black and white. Refrain from using your actual product name or the service you’re offering here.  Take your time when deciding the message you want to convey. Find the best, briefest way to do that. You can also include relevant, compelling graphics to make your brochure interesting to look at and more relatable. Remember people are more likely to invest time into reading what you’ve offered if it keeps them engaged.

Be Simple & Succinct

A brochure should not be an encyclopedia of information about your business and services. Give them a brief overview to avoid confusion and disinterest. There are several different approaches you can take when presenting information to the reader. The overall goal is to create a descriptive picture of the services that you provide. Be just detailed enough to help them understand how your company intends to tackle problems, create results and implement solutions. Keep it short and offer something fun and digestible. Feel free to get creative in the way you frame it. For instance, you can frame your brochure around the (brief) story of how your business came to be and why you decided to offer the services you do. Include a call to action at the end to keep the customer engaged.

Back to Basics

It may be helpful to consult a template for extra guidance when creating your brochure. The basics refer to the general format of a brochure. It should include complete contact information,  your company name, the mission, and any logos you may have. Organize each paragraph of information about the services you provide in a neat, organized fashion. Keep all of your text uniform in either the same or complementary fonts, and include your headline on the front. Focus on highlighting your strengths and what sets you apart from other companies without sounding like a salesperson.

Verify Accuracy of Information

Make sure all of your material is accurate and up to date! Never exaggerate about the services you offer, prices, or testimonials. You don’t want to be pouring energy, time, and money into creating a false or misleading brochure with inaccurate data. Double and triple check your spelling and grammar. Put yourself in the position of your potential clients. Would you trust the credibility of a company who misspelled their own products or services, or offered you information riddled with errors? Probably not, so make sure your brochure is polished and revised before sending for publishing. Remember your customers will offer reviews on your brochure, particularly if you didn’t deliver what was promised.

Production Choices

Print your brochures on a sturdy paper to keep them durable. To stand out a bit, choose a unique shape that won’t rip or tear easily for your brochure. You may have heard that printing brochures can be really expensive, and that is true.  You can lower the price by printing in bulk and research for coupons or deals. Invest a little bit of capital now for a big return later on.

Marketing is all about making your company stand out and influencing your current and future customers. Putting the effort into creating a strong brochure is going to help word of your business spread, enabling you to become more successful in the long run. Keep in mind that it’s always okay to consult the advice or expertise of a professional if creating a brochure is out your realm of experience or knowledge. It will probably turn out far better and end up saving you an enormous headache (and damage control) down the road.

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